The Pilgrym – Vogtemanne Jocoff Essell


A Vogtemanne is an officer of a wealthy nobilitae house, who often serves as administrator and judge of a subdivision of house property. More often a Vogtemanne is the right hand and highly valued advisor of honored leaders of house.

Uncle Jocoff Essell is an influential and skilled fighter and a Vogtemanne of his family house. He wears a massive fur coat made of his deceased Jakthund’s hide and carries an old and beautifully ornamented ancestral stubgun, modified to fire 5 round  bursts.

Jocoff’s torso swarms with servo skulls for varied purpose. He controls the macabre servitors with an analog keypad attached to his right arm, to gather intelligence from rival houses and scout ahead the dangerous streets of the hive cities.



19 thoughts on “The Pilgrym – Vogtemanne Jocoff Essell

    1. I second the Vader’s opinion of the scar. It also gives me an idea for the Church of the Red Athenaeum…

      I also love the candles flickering on his back; this is going to be one exciting model!

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  1. Kari, these are seriously stunning. I cannot wait to see the minis. This is like Game of Thrones on dystopian steroids in the grim darkness of Far Future. Really get this raw, powerful, house from the north that despises the fancier kind from the south.

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    1. That is exactly what I’m partly after with this set of characters! GoT is a really good source of inspiration for the grim dark future projects. It shows in my previous project, the Valon’s Hounds. The Executioner for instance was very much inspired by Ned Stark + the Hound.


  2. Agree…a very nice move with those servo skulls. Bloody gorgeous concept!

    This project of yours is shaping up nicely Kari…looking forward to see them interpreted as minis!

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  3. Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate each and every one of them. In the same breath I would like to say I’m very sorry for the lack of active communication. I try my best to balance this sudden activity in the hobby front with the rest of the madness called everyday life. Shit gets done and I think that is still the best way to show the activity, isn’t it?

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  4. Excellent work — it’s interesting that you’ve chosen to use some corrupt German terms. This is what I can make of them. Vogtemanne = Vogt + Mann. Vogt = English ‘reeve’ = administrator below an earl, exactly what this man is, Jakthund is obviously a corruption of Jagd = hunt + Hund = dog, hunting-dog. Vogt itself comes from Latin Advocatus = one designated (vocatus, named), for (ad) another, a deputy, someone who does the administrative leg work for someone else.

    I think you’re a Finnish gentleman and Vogt is represented in Finnish by ‘vouti’? Am I right? The only language I know a fair bit of bar English is German and a little Latin.

    I wonder if the surname Essell is meant to suggest German ‘Esel’, ass = like a donkey he ‘carries the burden’ of his noble family so they don’t have to.

    It’s fascinating to see foreign words and debased or altered terms/names from older languages surviving, odd scraps like the ‘ROMA’ on the banner of the Imperial Fists or the incongruous survival of House MacPherson in the Navis Nobilite from the main 40K background, in Low Gothic – Darwin is rendered as ‘Daerwynne’, the Immetaja or wet-nurse (no umlauts on this keyboard). It’s this level of detail that makes the Pilgrym such an absorbing project.

    If these masterpieces are your lack of active communication, your ‘off days’, the ‘on days’ must be a sight to free Ireland!

    Sorry, gabbling for a third time.


    1. Hi Patrick! Spot on analysis. Vogt is Vouti in Finnish, like you said, and that’s how I basically came up with the title of Jocoff Essel – person who is a vogt = Vogtemanne.

      I have not studied a single class of German language in my life, but somehow I find it very interesting and appealing to play with. It has a very masculine sound in it and I think it works very well in the 40k mythos. Together with pseudo-Latinized English, in which the High Gothic is based on, you can create these originally sounding titles, places and names. “Ye Olde English” is also very interesting and fine source of inspiration, when creating extraordinary names and languages.

      When it came to naming the old hag of 40k pumping milk out of her breats, wet-nurse just didn’t sound right. Finnish version Imettäjä on the other hand had a very appealing sound in it, something foreigners would find very exotic and different.


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