The Sentinel, 1st Pilgrym


11 thoughts on “The Sentinel, 1st Pilgrym

  1. An excellent group of figures. I cannot think of a more fitting Legion to be represented in the Pilgrym project. It brings things full circle back to the assault on Terra during the Heresy. I love how tiny his bolter and sword look. The eyes are drawn to Centurion Grigor, rather then his paltry weapons of war. This is fitting since the fury of an Astarte is a much graver thing than a boltgun or powersword.

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  2. Hi Migs, amazing group. It shows just how much everyone is putting into this project that these models aren’t even the main players but characters on the edges.
    Might there be any chance you could share how you painted the yellows for this group please?
    I consistently fail terribly at painting yellow without making it way too lurid and cartoonish. But the functional, almost washed out industrial tone you’ve created here is what I’m always hoping to achieve.

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    1. Thanks Moffstav! It’s an odd feeling for me to finish a very intricate groups of conversions with fine paint jobs and feel completely underwhelmed because there is so much more curious stuff everyone is working on. I’ve sort of had to push myself to finish these so I can get to the Ministorum group and the. The genuinely interesting one offs to spice things up. And vehicles. And the table.

      The secret to this yellow is airbrush. It’s almost like cheating with tough colors like this. I painted over black and used a “tank interior yellow” or some such Vallejo model color for the foundation and then brown oil paints to wash it. I wouldn’t say it’s perfected if I would go on to do an entire army, but good for here. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful! Those mechanicus bits look great in that soft yellow. And the chapter serf seems to perfectly epitomize the concept of the “techno-barbarian” who has been mentioned in 40k for so many years.

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