Imettäjä – WIP #1

Imettäjä, the first character I drew and designed for the Pilgrym project is finally put together and well on her way to get painted. But before that let me share some photos and my thoughts of her appeareance.



I had pretty clear vision of the bits I would use on forming her portrait. For the head I wanted to use Necromancer’s head since it looks very old, ugly and can easily be turned to look like a face of a hag. Thanks to Adam Wier of Between the Bolter and Me for sending me this particular bit!

For her upper body I used Crypt Ghoul torso and arms. Those parts give her the much needed slimness and also a heinous form that is present in her drawing. The reversed robe of the Tech Priest, which seems to be becoming a new trend for that particular fine piece, finalizes the wicked presence of the Imettäjä, making her look the bitch she is.

I first thought of not giving her the floating anti-grav platform, but after a small feedback round from fellow hobbyists I thought she’d be much more interesting character with the thing.

There are dozens of cables hanging from her dress which I like to believe are unplugged tubes for the bottles she keeps around her and under her dress. She might even have a small milking factory running under her dress.


Summa summarum, I’m very pleased with the way she looks at this point. I must admit, these two character are the best duo I’ve done so far. Much thanks for the effort goes to the wonderful Pilgrym project that is pushing so many talented persons to do their best for to make this scenario a memorable happening. Huzzaah!


29 thoughts on “Imettäjä – WIP #1

  1. Beautifulle… the Immetaja, wet-nurses… and I suspect tenderres and pruners… of the highe and holie on terra… you have produced a perfect copie of a perfect drawing… will small details like the rotting crowe aping her appearance followe?

    A strange figure from the decaying, cracking, peelinge corridors and halles and spyres of highe terra… anciente, decaying as are they, a sharpe, lined hagge-face twisted in prayer or paine or loathinge… the pointed veil or headdress bulging and crumpled with longe decaye, a spyked penance-collar,backe pierced by a vialle fused with her verie fleshe… pointes to which the vialles can be fastened… Skin hanging in foldes from twisted bones, pocked and flabbie and foulle, bare clawe-arms, one holding a dagger… shudder… anciente drye breastes rawe and wette with constant pumping… ever the holie milke, sometimes with a gout of bloode hanging in it, redde mixing with white, goes into the vialles…

    The dresse-habit, ragged and decaying as alle is on terra… the tubes coming from vialles under her dresse is inspired and I would say certainlie so… as one breaste is exhausted, the glasse cuppe passes to another and another tube is fastened… paine, daye in and outte, constante stinging and raweness… there is even a vial dangling under her dresse. The platformme is a wonderful idea… perhappes that these matronnes of the Order Hospitaller, whose chief purpose is to constantlie pumpe milke day and nighte, are borne along in dignitie on these forgotten reliques of technologie, a hanging wire suggesting a cobweb, decaye and rotte, functioning none knowes howe…. a lobotomised braine in the spherical case…

    The base is a miniature of terra, rotting, filthe and broken stones and a heape of skulles… ritualle and ceremonie, a growthe of wires bearing a strange skulle-fruit, so the Throne ramifies throughe all terra or so the pilgrymmes saye…

    I’ve been turning the Immetaja around and around in my heade, a fewe thoughtes… matronnes of the Order Hospitaller, nurses to the nobilitae, in birthe and in the rotting filth of a second childehoode of extreme and squalid age, paste deathe in strange machine-lyfe… of piousse service or from feare of what awaits beyonde… a gout-ridden bloated lorde whose greate bulke crushes his gullet ever closer, a poxe-ridden cleric rotting from withinne, spewing up the lunges that preached such hypocrisie (but all hidden for the goode of the pilgrymmes)… a sippe of the sacred milke is all they can stille take, fortified with a little bloode…

    Yet this role gives them great power, at the moste helplesse, the nunnes watch over the greate and goode and prune as needed… the sharpe knife will cut offe an inconveniente bastarde-childe or a too-obvious mutante… ad maiorem imperatori gloriamme… I imagine the order as connected with all things concerninge birthe… it is quite possible that sounde seede from murderred pilgrymmes workes its way into the hands of the orders and tempers a line too important to faile yet slipping beyonde the tolerance of the inquisitionne…

    Pure speculation on my part…

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  2. Quite a stunning model! I am amazed how well you were able to achieve such a likeness to your art, considering how alien it looks to stock GW models. The face was an excellent choice, good eye for recognizing its potential. I really think the grav platform was an excellent addition, one that puts the model over the top, and makes the use of the tech priest dominus’ robes much harder to recognize. It capitalizes on your artwork and the general weirdness of the character.

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  3. Incredible looking model all around! There are so many small details throughout the model that really make you want to continue looking at the model (despite how revolting she looks, he he). You have expertly merged all of the different components together to create something truly unique and memorable. The little skull-topped tanks on her waist are great looking as are all of the skulls worked into her base. Cleaver use of the Rhino cupola as a basis of her hover board.

    Remarkable piece of work! I look forwarding to seeing her progress.

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  4. She’s an amazingly well concieved character and it’s been a treat following her conception from sketch to illustration to finished conversion. Can’t wait too see how you paint her.

    You’ve outdone yourself on this one Kari, and that’s saying something!

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  5. Fantastic model. A brilliant 3d realisation of your 2d art. I would have to agree with you, these models are definitely your best yet. I’m looking forward to seeing them with some paint on.

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  6. That’s an inspired take on a very unusual combination of common pieces. A totally fresh take on bits we all know, and greenstuff to transmute it into something new. An alchemy of parts.

    I’m especially impressed how closely it follows the source artwork.

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  7. Wow. They are two very strong, very individual pieces. Not only have you closely stuck to the design concept, but fantastically extended it into three dimensions. I think it’s one of the best bits of modelling I’ve ever seen.

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  8. A fantastically grotesque pair of models. The parts work so well, I never thought of turning the Magos body around like that. Really can’t wait to see some paint on them.

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  9. Thank you all for your kind words! I’m on the edge here atm; wether I continue bashing new models for the group or take my brushes and start to paint these two – OR draw some more concepts. Decisions, decisions…


    1. If opinions are sought, though as a complete outsider (not an artist) I’m going to say draw… The Immetaja and the Adsum both come from brilliant drawings.

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  10. Such fantastic work Kari. Imagining these in your trademark painting style is an absolute joy. Maybe you can work in a surprise even? Some color or use of technique previously unseen on your models?

    Pilgrym has really taken off. Into a whole new level of hobby, art, peer inspiration (and peer pressure), journey of styles, studies and structure of the dystopia that is 40k. And I think your combination of evocative 2d artwork and gorgeous 3D models shows it as much as anything.

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  11. I love the scale you’re using with this duo, the bigger size really allows you to add more character and detail. She is gorgeous (in a withered, cranky old crone kind of way) and I can’t wait to see them both painted.

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  12. Incredible work, character and end result! Blown away…

    Great to see the anti-grav platform in there too…can imagine how she is hoovering above the pilgrymme roads! The choice of head is spot on. The hat turned out perfect.

    And agree, one of the best duos you have done!

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  13. Really wonderful! The danger with presenting concept art, especially when it takes the form of that great and developed illustration, is that the following model will be a let-down, lacking some special vitality or losing a particularly striking proportion. Not the case here! I may even prefer the model to the art!

    Can’t wait to see you paint her.

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