Herodd’s boys

Thistle’s gang is getting ready for war.

Here are tree new members for the weekend. Have a good one!



16 thoughts on “Herodd’s boys

  1. I’m loving these; every group needs it’s disposable mooks! I’m liking the look of Herodd’s freshly washed (definitely not in a clean way) robes too. Rotten and oily.


  2. Well I can see four – there’s no more on mi work desk – I suppose I better look at migs gang plans to see if I conform in any way …….

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  3. thistle had a shufti at the names…. so quasi-officialle??? if not just my ideas: Absalom Ruddock, Argus and Redde Enoche…

    figures of hunched, decayeing scarecrowe-splendourre.

    Lowe-menne chosen by Herodde for their crueltie and cunning, to slip from their filthie bunks into the rookeries of rottenchappell in searche of the weake, the forgotten, the loste… the stronger for the slaving-ganges, the weaker meet their ends with a rag clamped over their mouth and nose… well armed with rusting scavenged gunnes lacquer peeling, procured from a hoarde in a duste-laden vault of the Ladie Bethseba’s rotting palace. These are riche and feared menne by the standards of lowe terra, adorning their dull filthy factoriumme-habits with greasie furre found in the mouldering wardrobes of a deade nobilitie…

    Absalomme breathes sweete incense through a dirty gilte maske…Argus’ head was crudely modified for some forgotten manufactoria-taske ,the skulle fused to a metalle plate, yellowe relique-augmetick eyes, inherited from his father’s father, over a braine halfe covered in mouldering india-rubber… a vox-speaker where an eye oughte to be, the mouth rotting and blackened… a shorte life and a painfulle, but greede is stille stronge. Enoche’s coarse face is pallid but beares an expression of grim pleasure…

    A foulle life, a carrion-life, grubbing in the ruines of menne longe deade, profaning a chapelle for bones and scrappes and peeling gilte, rubbish, bloode and other murkier fluides and priceless archaeotech all prised from the filthe of lowe terra for a few coins…. bootes squalid, covered in duste, grease and filthe, pawing through piles of dustie rubble, strange scrappes of loste splendourre, a pilgrymme-shryne on a jointed pole.

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  4. So productive! Loving the bases and the motion. A bit ungainly, still effective looking bunch. I imagine they can deal some damage on the streets while looking like they belong there fully. I’ll keep the pictures open while I work on my own gang tonight..


  5. Looks awesome like always! Love the unified yet unique look you have to this group.
    How do you do the bases? They look ace!


    1. Bases demand nearly as much attention is the figure – there’s lots of plastic bits one can cut up and use – amounts of biscarbiante of soda is used – lots of washes and some careful dry brushing …..


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