While our friend is moving house, a little teaser of brilliance to come!



12 thoughts on “PDH WIP SE

  1. Fantastic work. Such great and characterful models once again. Really like the fella with the yoke and stave especially. Looking forward to paint n backstory 🙂


  2. Fantastic, Mr PDH. They certainly look like they’re on a pilgrimage! I love the posing and the balance across the group. The fact that they all have the left foot forward makes it seem as though they have fallen into step with each other. I love the ‘porters’ weighted down with baggage, with the aloof escort at the back. The only thing I would consider altering is the left arm of the main character, for no other reason than it is so familiar because the original model on which the conversion is based has been used quite a lot. An alteration there would make the character and the whole group completely unique.


  3. I adore this group, I think building civilians in general always explores and addresses much fresher, un explored areas of the 40k universe.


  4. Really great – one of my favourite things about this type of project is seeing me the ‘little people’, a might warrior is all good, but show me a tiny cowering mutie any day, much more character!


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