Adsum Levit Aaronic – Painted


A forenoon mayhem filled the stairs of the Golden Temple. A crowd of pilgryms – young, old, men, female, children, half machine humans, Abhumans – dressed in tattered and dirty clothes, moved like an ocean wave in chaos towards the gigantic doors .

The force of the mass crushed the weakest. Those who were unable to stay on their feet or were pushed against obstacles and unable to climb above the crowd were crushed by the feet of their comrades. Screams of pain drowned in a hypnotic sigh of hundreds of thousands of pilgryms.

On the far end of the sea of men a hulking body plough a narrow path for the noble characters followed by his tail. They called him “Adsum” – he who is present, here and now.

The slowly moving brute was only dwarfed by his ancient and gigantic power hammer, which Adsum used to control the crowd gently away from his path, like an ancient monk wiping the ground off the insects. Fresh blood and small splinters of bone dripped from the head of the hammer.

The skin of Absum was wet with sweat and trails of blood. Wide open wounds covered his thick hide. Most of these were made by the the half dead pilgrims crushed on the ground by the tranced masses. In their agony they bite and clawed the passing Adsum in hope of getting his attention – and to meet their merciful end.



42 thoughts on “Adsum Levit Aaronic – Painted

    1. Cheers bigbossredskullz! To answer your question, of course there’ll be more members 🙂 I’m thinking of starting two at the same time, just to keep up the pace.

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    1. Thanks imperialrebelork! If you mean the b&w cover photo, i first thought of letting it be in colour, but then decided that it would look much better as it is now. Works kind of like a teaser for the post.

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  1. Kari my Sleetbrother (before Mikko comes here to do his Rat Bro comment ;)) This is you, the master of uber gothic, distilled to most intense and delicious brew. I think the best group you have ever produced, and that is one insanely high bar. And then I think of your sketches and I think this is one of the most epic individual 40k art pieces ever witnessed. Wow.

    And then… Then I think of John’s paintings I’m marveling in flesh at the minute!, FPOAs, Jakob’s, Johan’s, Toni’s, Wiers’, Tammy’s, and yet to be shown work, and the sheer magnitude of Pilgrym, FETHING WOW!!!

    And I really miss our Scottish friends wiring. If you are reading, thanks for the inspiration!

    Namaste! Green man cometh!


    1. Thank you Migs for your encouraging words! I try to challenge myself with every miniature I create for this group and want to develop the basic stuff I’ve been doing with the previous projects. I’m pretty fond with the style achieved with these ones, but want elevate it to the next level with the family memebers I’m developing in my head – and soon in this dimension too.

      The Pilgrym project sure is one of the greatest endeavour in the field of our hobby, me thinks. I too miss our Scottish friend’s writings, even though they make my scribblings look like a 6-year-old child’s bungle 😀

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  2. Beautiful creation. Truly masterful painting, the face for example looks something straight from renaissance art. The duo photo gives a hint how epic this group will be, just pure awesomeness.


  3. Sweet Emperor. This together with the Nurse is epic Kari. I simply love your gritty style…somewhere in between the style of JRN and Blanche. Wonderful!

    I look so much forward to the next two.


  4. That is an amazing piece. I specifically like the detail on the wrist cuff. As if it hasn’t come off in a long time, and the skin below is chaffed by the constant slip of the hard metal on skin.

    Brilliant work.


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