Lorde Castor Marguardt of Mercina

Lorde Castor Marguardt is the Ædhelinge of the cold and harsh mining world known as Mercina. He is the father of the new born baby – and now also a widow because of her. He is now forced to take a pilgrimage to Terra and seek for advice from the eldest of mankind. But lets keep the rest of his story in the dark for now…

When I was starting to build Castor, I was browsing Inquisitor rulebook for inspiration. I paused on the page with the infamous painting of Inquisitor by John Blanche. Now many of you know this one for sure…


While inspecting the art work I heard myself thinking “damn, this character sure looks a lot like a person of noble background, and hence it would be great to do something similar to my Pilgrym group”. So I did.

Lorde Castor Marguardt & the entourage


My plan was not to copy the character in the art work from head to toe, but rather try to create someone who’d ooze the similar aristocratic authority and nobility. The Militarum Tempestus Scions leader’s body with the coat fit well in my plans, since it had many cool little details that could be painted in gold. For the head I used one of the Empire handgunner heads which I modified with lots of cables and stuff. The sculpted fur on his shoulders widens his upper body, giving him more authoritarian look.

The humble human henchmen of this lot are pretty straightforward kit-bashes; Empire handgunner/greatswords bodies and heads with Skitarii Ranger arms. Their simplicity helps to boost the imposing frames of the more complex main characters.

The family.

Both Lorde Marguardt and Vogtemanne are very strong looking personalities, and this sparked a depate if the balance of the group was now skewed. There is certain friction between the father and Vogtemanne, that’s for sure. It is something I was really after for, and it should be seen in their body language and posture too – they even look in different directions, which should indicate there’s something much deeper going on. After all, Vogtemanne might be blaiming Lorde Marguardt for the death of his sister. They are like Han and Luke, both strong personalities but Han will always be the alpha, even though by a whisker. Fantastic Four (which will fit well in describing this band of powers, since there are four main character; Imettäjä, Adsum, Vogtemanne and Lorde Marguardt) does also have alpha male conflict between Johnny and Ben, and that tension makes the group dynamic much more interesting.

So with these guys ready I believe I’m done with my Pilgrym group for now. I’ve already my next miniature under way, so please stay tuned for more cool projects. Cheers!


42 thoughts on “Lorde Castor Marguardt of Mercina

  1. Agree with above. Amazing work. This is what I was hoping to see from this project. You at your very very best. Thank you for sharing.


      1. Just saw your work in the lastest WD, amazing work. Btw what legs exactly did you use on Lorde Castor Marquardt? Thanks


  2. Absolutely stunning. The overall vision, the sketches (maybe add some here again?), the converting, the painting… One of the most talented and unique artists working on this subject matter and now pushed to a new level.

    I won’t be able to pick a “favorite”, the key is seeing so many people who’s work I deeply admire and enjoy produce the best work they have ever created. This is my favorite Kari group, like it’s my favorite Stefan group, or Johan, or even my own favorite group – AND clearly all of us being pushed, inspired, challenged by their peers, their collective mad Pilgrym vision. And that is my favorite piece in all of this. Only something like this, collective, could produce this individual master pieces.

    Love the group shot too. I’m going to try and see if I can get a similar one of my main group, and guys, if you can do of yours as well, it would be a GREAT way to dive in to the actual game and see what other ways of capturing will resonate on the actual terrain.

    Ok, I’ll shut up now and stare at these pictures with childlike awe and happiness. Thank you Kari!


    1. I would have to agree; there is no way I could pick a favorite Pilgrym group. Everyone pushed themselves far beyond where they thought they could go and achieve something fantastic. Each group embodies its own unique style and themes. And all are strengthened when view in collaboration with the other groups.

      Fantastic job Kari! Lorde Marguardt is suitably imposing and quite different from Vogtemanne (yet also very fitting to the entire group). As always, your ability to craft faces to be exactly what you want out of the base model is astounding. I cannot wait to see them in person!


      1. Thanks Migs & Eric! I too feel each group has its own soul and spirit, which makes it impossible to compare the to each other – and I don’t think that is even the purpose here.

        What I’m really looking forward to is taking photos of each group in the beautiful boards you guys have made.


  3. Wow, just wow. For me these guys, well the whole group, is just sums up what the Pilgrym project is, a work of art. The conversions, the amazing paint jobs, all so inspirational.


  4. This is stunning Kari – a truely beautiful and regal group, cunningly converted, sublimely painted… perfection. Please excuse me while I retrieve my jaw from the floor.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that will be a collective jaw dropping experience mate, you should all wear chin straps – it’s such a cool project!


  5. Beautiful work. I absolutely love this group, the painting and converting is perfect. The “regular” humans do a good job of showing off the scale and complexity of the other, more important members. The stylish striped trousers are cool too!
    What is the purpose of the floating device? I might be missing something but I can’t remember seeing you write anything about it.


    1. Thanks Remnante! Striped trousers do give them a nice touch old old school crazyness, don’t you think? The purpose of the floating device will be uncovered sooner or later 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They definitely do, it’s another of those subtle but strongly old school 40k styles. I can’t imagine any other game could pull that look off and make it seem normal (to the setting anyway). How do you actually paint those thin lines?
        It’s really piqued my interest now, so I’ll be keeping a close eye out for it 🙂


  6. Excellent though the Lorde Castor is it’s the henchmen that really catch my eye. Simple conversions but very evocative of the squalor and arrogance of the declining Imperium.


  7. All very lovely conversions. A spectacular looking group. I love the Scion coat and have used it myself for my own Inquisitor. It’s regal and militant at the same time. Well done Kari.


  8. Wonderful new minis that bring the whole house together. Lorde Marguadt’s head and every little detail here and there are so good as are the henchmen, very fitting conversions and great colours that bring variety to the whole group. And the null-carriage, oh boy that is somehow just so fething cool. It has this awesome scifi cryo-chamber feel to it and the black front/glass gives it mysterious vibes.

    From those first sketches and concepts to this final epic group shot it has been truly joyful to witness this whole process. Congrats for finishing this awesome project and may your good pace of creating stuff like this continue! 😃


  9. Phenomenal! I really love this entire group. The fur really transforms the scion overcoat.

    And the simple gunners are just perfect (and remind me of the very first models I converted when I got back into the hobby, but much better) — I particularly love the way you painted their metal arms and guns and how it relates to the non-metallic off-whites. Inspiring as always.


  10. Great an astonishing work!!!is there a way to join this project or team whatever..???thnks in advance Thanos telis aka “koolbrush”


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