Quartermaster Clavius

Johan of the Convertorum recently unveiled a glimpse of what is to come from his black ships warband. It must be said the model beautifully captures a veteran of deep space and countless missions into the unknown. A battle-hardened, space-worn hero of the Imperiumme.

“Clavius is Captain Inquisitor Lasaros surly second in command and serves as Quartermaster on the Black Arke Garm’s Maw. 

He manages the Hold, where the unsanctioned psykers are interred, and has the honorary title of Warden of the Occlusian.”


Beautiful work, Johan!

23 thoughts on “Quartermaster Clavius

  1. Impressive as ever Johan. I note you’ve kept a lot of the features of the original genestealer cultist, yet managed to shed any visual links to the faction with a few subtle tweaks. Perhaps I’m just not keeping up (or paying enough attention to the text and too much time ogling the models!) but is the crew of the Black Arc linked to the Questing Knight you showed previously?


    1. Cheers!

      The original model is so great I didn´t want to mess with it too much. Just enough to make it different while still retainingthe dynamic feel of the mini.

      The Questing Knight is more of a NPC, as is the Veteran. They´re both just sad random pilgrims milling about.

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    1. Thanks Apoteos.

      I´m really trying do do something a bit different than my usual stuff with these. Something more restrained and sombre.

      It´s all very inspired by Picta Mortis stuff obviously.


  2. Wonderful looking model! The heavy coat and body armor just scream the Inquisition in my mind. I also really like how you decided to give him a laspistol, a fitting choice. Your paint job of the model is really striking, the deep red and black work perfectly together. Your freehand work looks fantastic too; I love the Order’s emblem on his right shoulder guard.

    Looking forward to seeing more models from the Black Ships!

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      1. Thanks guys.

        When I showed this to the pilgrym crew it was Toni´s comment about having the model echo “The cold darkness of space” that made me take the leap and go all black. First time around Clavius had light grey pants, but it´s much better like this – more focused.


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