The Bio-Pilgrymme, Part V: Brostten Haggwers arrives on Terra

Stefan has been busy on his trip to sunny Italy and painted more astonishing miniatures for his Pilgrym. Take a look!

After a short rendez-vous on Neith the infamous Bio-Archaeologist and Paleo-Botaniste Brostten Haggwers has returned to the holy grounds of Terra with a thorny host on board the Anaxaegoras to meet with the Head Gardeners of the Ordo Botanicarum. Haggwers and his host are bound on a Bio-Pilgrymage to Terra with a goal to find more fragments of the fabled Daerwynne Palimpseste rumoured to have its place of origin deep in the heart of the Imperium of Man…

Brostten is a long serving member of the Ordo Botanicarum, which deals with the studies and classification of plant life of the Imperiumme. Apart from highly treasured treatises on the evolution of plant life and the known relationship between Man and Nature throughout human history, like Circus Quercus: Collected Treatises on Ars Topiaria Silva Rex and the notoriously debated publication Natura Caucasus, the main accomplishment of the Ordo Botanicarum has been the construction of Neith, an artificial moon functioning as a Seed Vault circling the dark side of Venus, and the related development of Species Plantarum, the continuing collection and classification of all known plant life in the Imperiumme. Quickly distinguishing himself as a gifted thinker Brostten received his academic training on Terra at the Universitae Botanicarum and on Venus where he carried out important experimental studies in practice. His main field of research as a Bio-Archeologist and Paleo-Botaniste within the Ordo Botanicarum has been the history of Craetagus, commonly known as haw thorne or thorne wood, as a species containing countless sorts and varieties with a long evolutionary and mythological presence in Terran and Imperial history. To this day thorne wood is rumoured to possess many potent abilities making it a favourite species for holy relics within a large variey of Imperial priesthoods. On Terra there are only a very few known living samples left rumoured to be untold thousands of years old. Head Gardeners of the Ordo Botanicarum trained in Ars Topiaria are responsible for keeping the remaining Terran samples alive and in most cases the shrivelled trees are mere bio-mechanical husks of former botanical glory. Recently, as within the last handful of decades, many years of devout studies on the lore of Crataegus brought Brostten to the Prigorian Divide, known among Rogue Traders in the region as The Rift, with his most trusted Bio-Explorers and entire field office of Paleo-Scribes, Herbarists and Botanists on board his personal Rogue Trader Anaxaegoras. Here he discovered fragments of the fabled Daerwynne Palimpseste, which in turn led to the publication of his highly controversial treatise Abiogenesysse: A Treatise on the Originne of Species, both heralded by some and already deemed heretical by others within Imperial academia. But not only did he make a seminal discovery of the long lost layered palimpsest, he also made the first contact in millennia with a Genetor host of lost Green Mechanicvm in the fabled region of Crataegus Fragmentum.

Brostten travels with his trusted servant Mourits Espeløv, a skilled marksman, and the Green Mechanicvm Gene-Extractor Hyle, who carries valuable gene-extracts from Crataegus thorn trees for his master Bio-Pilgrymme Sverre Arrheniusse. On the moons of Crataegus Hyle is responsible for collecting valuable gene-matter and usually explores the underworld of the

thorn moons to find the most precious resources and substances hidden in the biomechanical stumps and roots of very old Haw trees. During the course of his long life Hyle himself has undergone a distinct physical transformation and now resembles the very underworld of biomechanical roots he explores. On both Crataegus and now also Terra…

From Throne to Thorne…

Green Man Cometh…


– Stefan of FPOA


8 thoughts on “The Bio-Pilgrymme, Part V: Brostten Haggwers arrives on Terra

  1. Well nearly there – to meet with the other pilgrymmes on the long roads and the broken stair – rumours of floribundunne mechanicae abound and whispers of a golden pilgrymme who will save all – some say, but others talk of the coming of a green God whilst others whisper of an emperors guardian clad in black ceramyte who will only deal in death – we shall see but nothing of the likes of these green priests have been seen before …

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  2. I read the very first sentence in my internal story voice, was thinking mentioning Italy was rather specific for the setting….

    I absolutely love these models, the whole idea of a techno organic green men. The use of parts is great. Love this so much!

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