Concerning Haenrik Galde, Hermit, the Botanicarium, Terra

Here is some ponderings from JRN regarding the Botanicarium…


Choosing the hermit’s life in the hive that is Terra might seem a paradox. Yet again pondering the billions of lives, the paradoxical logic of the administratum and the endless rows of insignificant entities, this was the perfect setting for choosing to leave the world of human interaction. All of his life his mindset had been that of a hermit. Choosing the Botanicarium for refuge he was content for the first time in a long life of service. Here he laboured hard. Bringing all of his knowledge – academic research and hard earned hands on tech visdom – into a vision.

The vision was both a of physical form and an illusive idea. Haenrik could not gather the full perspective, but the direction was clear. The green path. Abstract and yet perfectly clear. So he continued his work, expecting a cue or sign to lead him further. Here, at least, his labours had a purpose and he could see the concepts develop and expand leading to insights and possibilities.

Serving the imperium is to be nobody, nothing. A heritical thought maybe, but the green path would both lead him and protect him from the Teocracy of Terra. The Botanicarium would be his place of rest, labour and discovery. A place to bring enlightment to Terra. A seed. To trigger change in a continuum of nothing. Haenrik worked on. And waited. For a sign.


The Pilgrym. Who is the Pilgrym? Or what is it? A miniature to finally be revealed in our game? Possibly. But also it seems to be a greather thing. It could be a metaphor for the gathering of people to play the game. However, what is really intriguing is all that happened during the long preparations of the game. All the people who took part – not ”just for fun” – but people who were inspired and felt like they had to contribute. The dicsussions, comments, and excitement for the project. That part might be the true essence of ”the Pilgrym”.

I am really excited to see this campaign of hobby extravaganza coming to a conclusion. Or rather; to see the fruits of our labour, meet the whole crew, and from here to see where the energy and excitement will continue and further develop. Pilgrym has been a fantastic journey, and I have fully enjoyed adding my small contributions to the big picture. This hobby-thing really rocks!



3 thoughts on “Concerning Haenrik Galde, Hermit, the Botanicarium, Terra

  1. i read on the convortorum blog “In just a few days the ambitious Pilgrym project will reach it´s conclusion in Nottingham¸¸ what does that exactly mean?


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