The Pilgrym Game

Good day,

First of all, thank you! Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and feedback over what has been an incredible 7 month journey. A collaborative celebration of the Games Workshop hobby and a platform for incredible miniatures to come to life.

A full battle report to come in time. I think I speak for everyone is saying that everything still feels a bit surreal. That it all came together so magically. That we had so much feedback and energy from so many people we admire.That we know we have inspired others, Games Workshop included. And that we are wiped out, yet energized to go do the next great project, what ever that might be.

We were honored and humbled to have John Blanche participate in the whole adventure and as only he can, John’s illustrations, models and manner elevated the whole experience. Thank you John.

I’ve attached just a few photos to show the love and care that was so central to this Pilgrymage. Every aspect of it, from measuring devices to terrain, to cards and graphic design produced for the game.

More to come.


Thank you,

Migs on behalf the Pilgrym Gang.



One of John’s most amazing pieces, painted on crumpled paper.
We started the night before with an epic show and tell of 160+ models that took part, knowing full well we’d never get to playing otherwise.
“This is the best thing I have ever seen” Ā – Toni on Cedric’s amazing mobile Shrine, that John had rebased and inked for the game.
Turn cards – More exceptional cards to share in the battle report
Sneak peek on stunning Pilgrym terrain
And last but not least, obviously plastic pointy sticks wouldn’t do it for this one.




30 thoughts on “The Pilgrym Game

  1. Wonderful job guys! It felt great contributing some of my models to this project. I would love to see all these 160+ models which hopefully will be in the battle report.
    Now that you said, I can’t wait to see what the next big project will be šŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes your models went up the daylight stair with the other pilgrymmes – thanks for your participation and enthusiasm …..


  2. This has been a beautiful project from start to finish, and I’m so glad it went smoothly for you all. Congratulations to everybody involved and thank you all for the massive dose of inspiration!

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  3. Amazing work….I have never played 40K but follow you because the models are inspirational and world class. Very enjoyable to watch and thank you for sharing.

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  4. Just a note on the painting – doing something that might make most artists shudder – finish the work and screw it up in a crumpled ball – open flat iron, dry brush and wash the creases to create a distressed look that comes from eons old musty vaults …. Yesterday wAs very special indeed – not only did everything go smoothly, thanks to WW staff for lending a hand, but game play did not get bogged down but seem to flow – I even managed to stay until closing tyme ……

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    1. Very nice, might have to give this a go myself and some point (If I can actually get the courage to crumple one of my few pieces). I haven’t commented on the individual models, but I’ve seen your contributions to this project on Instagram and it’s all truly breathtaking.


    2. May try that for my personal deck of tarot cardes. The effect will be similar to this method and the color similar to Peter’s turn cards.


  5. Pilgrimage is so massive a project even from the outside ā€” so much actually that it’s hard to comprehend. Models, terrain and ambition to take it all to Terra! aside for me the whole thing’s about unity and collaboration. Cheers! The path is very enlightening and inspirational. Looking forward to batrep and further developments.

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  6. It was a fantastic pleasure to follow the whole process, here and there! It still is, and like other said, i’m curious about the next project! Congratulation for this huge amount of perfectness!

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  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed following this journey. I’ve had moments of astonishment, mouth dropping awe and have been so inspired. What fun you must have had bringing all this together. I can’t wait for the next masterpiece!!

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  8. The sheer ambition of this project has been a joy to behold. Iā€™m sure Iā€™m not alone in feeling that, although I may not have contributed to this project or enjoyed the spectacle of attending first hand, the inspiration it has provided has resonated through my own models and left my hobby experience considerably richer. Looking forward to seeing the full report on the day and best of luck with whatever projects you plan to follow this.

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  9. It has been such a joy to follow and get inspired by this project. The attention to detail is stunning and I feel the Pilgryme road shall be trod again…….. or at least I hope it will šŸ™‚ Excellent work guys!

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  10. Amazing stuff, as all the above have mentioned. It will be a pleasure reading through the write-up and staring slack mouthed at all the gorgeous models. Thank you to everyone involved!

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  11. Just want to add my small praise to you all!
    You guys have really sparked my creativity! For that alone you are great

    Another thing this pages has done for me is to give me inspiration and courage to try out new ways to paint. To go outside my little box in a big way!
    Washes, tiny blendings and a more forgiving train of thougts has brought me to complete some of my best miniatures!

    For all this im truly grateful!!


  12. Long time lurker, first time poster. This is, by far, the best Inquisimunda project I have seen, and some of the most mind-blowing miniatures as well.

    I hope you will post pics of the complete, painted warbands and NPCs (as in just the miniatures, not while playing). Will there be a write-up of the narrative pre-game stuff?


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