Alabaster Adjustments

“All we have to do is to peel the shrines like an onion, and we will be with the king himself. ”

– Terran proverb

This is proving out to be so much fun and evolving organically into strong sub themes. The initial Rogue Trader is the casualty of that adjustment and I’m working on a new one, Bothrops Nummifer the Twenty-first that will hopefully instantly scream “Rogue Trader” in a Blanchean way, and offer a “human bridge” from the King to the Mercenaries to the Court. Bothrop’s “accountant” stays, I like his half covered face, half masked, and the new Botrhop will share this theme. I also needed the equipment points from the RT’s power armour for something else. We are using my “dozens” rule for war band creation, and Shibboleth has done a beautiful player’s package. I need to figure out how to share a PDF here.

Yesterday I built Lady of the Household, to go with the Butler. Still some detail to add, but gives you a good picture of end goal.


Thought I’d throw in another pic of these two in different setting and light.



16 thoughts on “Alabaster Adjustments

  1. I love the lady! I don’t recognize the parts you used on her skirt hoops but they are just right. I also love how many aristocratic courts seem to be assembling beneath Hive Tartarus. A non-power armor rogue trader sounds like a great idea, and will let the Masked King himself really stand out.

    I am loving the dozens system and keep going through similar adjustments. It’s tempting to focus upgrades on one or two special characters but also to scatter them throughout the gang to create a real diverse group of unique characters. Give my big guys lots wounds to match their size, or include every little servant I can think of?

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  2. Wow, that Girl is so amazingly amazing-screw-on-esk!
    Very pleasing to look at (though, if honest critizism may be allowed, she does appear much more steampunky and funny than the usual grimdark INQ stuff. Might be a bit too caricature. Still a wonderful piece on it´s own!).

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  3. I ❤ the lady. That is just astoundingly clever. If this is the quality of the servants I cannot wait to see the new Rogue Trader.

    Your reasoning is sound and I think you are right to make for a more obvious rogue trader trope .

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  4. As much as I understand your reasoning for removing the rogue trader from the group, I sincerely hope he gets painted eventually; He’s one of my favourite models of yours !
    The new lady is looking brilliant as well, but I’m having trouble placing her entire lower half. Any hints?

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