Return Under The Mark Of The Rat

+++ receiving  transmission …

+++ Sleet member requesting permission to return home…

+++ Access granted under the mark of the rat…


11 thoughts on “Return Under The Mark Of The Rat

  1. An incredibly lovely model, and an excellent way to announce you are modeling again! It is clear you did not lose you touch! The model is filled with interesting detail, but it never seems cluttered. A good use of that stormcast icon, and the necromancer model in general. Is this for Outgard perhaps? Regardless, it wonderful!


  2. Mikko its a good un. It really does feel like it was missing from the Pilgrim stair. Looking forward to seeing the colour version 🙂

    If you think this is your Pilgrym “entry” then you should re-categorise this post from uncategorised to The Pilgrym.

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