The Pilgrym on display at Warhammer World!

Some collections of miniatures stop you in your tracks. The special combination of attention to detail in conversion, technical ability in painting and overall concept all come together to create something admirable.

What makes The Pilgrym even more impressive, is that it was a seven month collaborative project undertaken by friends from around the world. These miniatures and 4Γ—4 foot gaming board all embrace the Blanchitsu style, carry the touch of their individual creators, yet also pull into one cohesive display together. Miniatures by John Blanche will also be included in the display, so it’s a very unique chance to see this distinctive style.
The Pilgrym gaming board and miniatures will be on display in the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre so you can see for yourself the detail and character in each of these carefully crafted miniatures.

When beginning the Pilgrimage in January we never would have guessed how it would end. To have this project end up on display at the Warhammer World only started to enter the collective consciousness when the boards were laid out and the nearly 200 miniatures were placed on them. To see that much effort for a days game seemed funny. Needless to say we all couldn’t be happier with how it went in the end.

A few thoughts permeate:

Hopefully the display can lure more people into the habit of “mood is king” modeling. Be it Inq28, Necromunda, Mordheim, Showcase painting or Massive armies, there’s so much to draw from just from cinematic work and Abnettesque storylines.

If you have the chance, you must see them live. Pictures do no justice to the levels of highly personal craft the miniatures possess. Everyone’s unique handcraft and the reality of so many hours of collective work just leave you stunned.

It’s not really the end is it.. So many storylines were kicked into motion, so many experimentations with new techniques put forth, we will keep reaping this harvest for many projects to come. The Pilgrimage is finished, but the hunt is on!

The Pilgrym display in Warhammer World – December 3rd – February 26th


20 thoughts on “The Pilgrym on display at Warhammer World!

  1. I will be coming to Notts in December hopefully. Will check out the exhibits including this one! What a wonderful and wretched ride it was through the gilded carcass of Terra.

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  2. Thank you all for this great journey and your awesome works. Pilgrym will remain for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration. πŸ™‚


    1. That was entirely the goal as I see it. To be inspired and inspire others. So it’s extremely good to hear that it was achieved!
      Thanks to Thistle, Migs, and PDH for the initiation, momentum and organization.


  3. It is indeed an honour to have it displayed there. And it is an honour you all have earned with this project. I know you have opened my eyes for the wondrous world of inq28 and the stories you can tell with the skirmish narrative. And I bet more like me have joined the ranks and is sitting at home right now writing on their own stories.

    I know I am.


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