Flashbacks and futures

I had such a great hobby weekend.

Managing to paint and build a bunch, and introducing my nearly seven year old son to playing Warhammer 40k. He has been asking for years and now was the perfect time. It was an absolute blast to witness his sheer excitement and joy and I had missed playing the game badly too. We agreed to play again next weekend.

The combination of recently working on models made out of random stuff and other manufacturers models and the gaming brought back many magical memories from when I first started. As 12 year old. Many many years ago. When WD would still show the odd custom made model with many parts or the entire thing made with creativity that respected no IP.

Everyone’s come along way and GWs having an incredible year. I just want to mention and cherish some of that original energy.

And with the Curse of the Alabaster I’ve been doing it. Not worrying about where the parts come as long as they fuse together into some gripping Warhammer 40000 imagery. Having to only do a war and after the Pilgrym mountain to climb has been such a joy. So I was always going to get a little carried away.

Here are a few quick images from the past few days. In the spirit of quick flashes, posting this from an iOS app and curious to see how it works out.

First the Rogue Trading Tractor, a Family Heirloom from a bygone era of technological brilliance.


Gaming shots,


9 thoughts on “Flashbacks and futures

  1. Great models and great to see that you pass the hobby on to the next generation, I’ve done the same with my sons and Warhammer. Not easy having to contend with computer games and all but imensely rewarding when they want to sit around and make minis with their dad or play a game once in a while. πŸ™‚

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  2. Great stuff! The statue on top of the tank reminds me of the work of Kris Kuksi, who always struck me as very 40k. His artwork seems closer to John Blanche’s than some of the modern 40k illustrators. Do you tend to stick with GW parts for your conversions, and is this a conscious decision to move away from that?

    I would somehow tie the statue in to the vehicle a little more, perhaps with cabling (one eye as a searchlight/periscope?) but otherwise I really like what you’re doing here.

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    1. I usually stick to GW only, combination of their incredible range and product, respect to some of my friends and what not, but it has been fun to explore and enjoy some new building blocks and I think the integration with GW parts is pretty seamless.

      Except maybe the statue. I’m well aware of Kuksi’s work, and intially thought of going totally bonkers but after Pilgrym understated has been a welcome space. I carved into the structure hoping the piping is the way the statue integrates and with paint it’s working pretty well. I could have lowered and sunk it into the tank body even more though.


  3. That tractor is Beautiful! I loove it!
    The bust part is really cool, but I think it could use some more details connecting it to the tractor roof. Maybe some cables? Or rivets in the… umm… Armholes?
    Anyways; stunning job! Looking forward to seeing more alabaster stuff:)


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