Kingdom of Fear


The tendency to aggression is an innate, independent, instinctual disposition in man… it constitutes the powerful obstacle to culture.

– Sigismund Freud, Ancient Terran


Remade. Refaced. Reborn.

At the darkest hour, we slip in the hive to hunt them. Every night.  We hunt nightmares. Every morning we come back and we dream of them, and go back again to find them.

We face them and we bind them.

We are legion.


*Done* and what a fireworks it’s been. It’s been flow. Ideas, conversions and paint flowing into one thought. New face, new angle, new aspect of my favorite Legion. It hasn’t been pushing for some crazy experiment, but refining previous lessons. The Masked King the only real stretch to paint. But here they are. A striking bunch. A group I very much want to introduce to Alpharius and Jargassor when they return from Terra.

I need to figure out which models to trim to fit the “dozens” rules for Pilgrym that we are also using for Alabaster. And the Tractor, show case piece, maybe to be accommodated some how to one of the games.

At some point before the game ELM-3r needs paint too.

+ But now, now a golden dart shoots through the void for Fenrys. Carrying the orders of the twelve. The Thorn Moons and the Heretek Green Mechanicvm will meet the Emperor’s sanction. +


15 thoughts on “Kingdom of Fear

  1. I am amazed…such a strong vision. Both miniatures and narrative.

    I can imagine what you mean by flow and how playing with bits led to an unfolding of narrative and vice versa. The Sigmarites heads on Cultist triggering the idea of a masked court maybe. An in turn the masked XX. Or the other way around.

    This is precisely what I think is the most wonderful part of the hobby. Miniatures and narrative folded into each other in one continous flow. I think this Masked Court is probably your strongest example of that relationship for a long time.

    Hats off!

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  2. That’s a really nice group Migs – I love the bleak tones you achieve here, it just looks so effortless and natural. I must admit, I thought the Stormcast heads might look a little oversized at first, but, happilly, my fears were unfounded. The lady of the house is the pick of the bunch for me 🙂

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  3. Beautiful stuff. I’m in love with those kitbashes (how excited are you guys for the Genestealer Cults wide release? I’m guessing somewhere between ‘very’ and ‘exceedingly’) + that transport is a thing of beauty. Just astonishing.

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