Old Man

Old man – Kari Hernesniemi

Last weekend our family went to visit my wife’s childhood home at Hallapuro, which means frost creek in English. It’s a small farm in the middle of nowhere, basically surrounded by thrilling forests with wild life and such. I had my drawing equipment with me and decided to put my freetime in good use. This here is one of them, Old man, very much inspired by the gloomy forests and surroundings of Hallapuro, as well as John Blanche’s amazing Voodoo Forest.



14 thoughts on “Old Man

  1. Ha, I put Hallapuro into Google and half the pictures were of a frost creek in Finland, the other half of bikini-clad beauties – that’s the Internet for you!

    Artwork is very very good, I’m a bit freaked by how Blanchian it is.

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