Saga of the Golden Captain – Fenrys Answers!

Saga of the Golden Captain – Fenrys Answers!

The gleaming dart of an ancient ship building marvel shot through the blackness of free space. It had sped through the heaviest, smartest, most formidable defensive network ever built by man, using clearance codes and lanes crafted in complete secret at its creation. Everything about this small vessel, and it’s route was remarkable. Yet for its captain and the likes of him, it was duty and routine. 

“My Lord, ready to enter the immaterium” announced the silky voice of an exquisite servitor, made of gleaming chrome, polished silver, and a soulless man. 

+ Do it +

Another servitor, this one bronze and copper-alloy, but just as polished and soulless, one of four unnervingly identical ones swiftly and smoothly adjusted his instruments. A quick tremor run through the Guardian, a Mercury class void speeder, one of the smallest and fastest void capable vessels ever built. It was built to carry orders and a dozen very special bearers of them. 

The Guardian’s arrival was just as prepared, engineered and clandestine as its departure. Where exiting Terra was darting out a hive of rusted haze, incredible maze of activity, entering Fenrys was an orderly zigzag through orbital defenses, which for this vessel only forgo the layered security protocols, but still traced it with enough firepower to destroy worlds. 

Logan Grimnar, Jarl of Fenrys, giant of death and destruction stood like a mountain in full Terminator Plate to meet his visitors. The Great Wolf stared down the golden group with his meteor black eyes, sank deep in a face tempered in war, a craggy  mask of grey, more like stone than the soft skin of yours or mine. Grimnar bid them welcome in a thunderous grunt, barely recognizable as gothic, yet instantly clear in intention. “Welcome. How Can I help”

Four of the Dozen were Astartes. Individuals. Noble, immovable, perfect, like statues, like golden angels. Polar opposite of a pack of Sky Warriors. Grey, blur, formidable, singular whole and hunter sentinent. Tallest of the Statues stepped forward, bowed and removed his plumed helm in one swift motion. 

“Lord Grimnar, Master of Fenris and the VI Legion, my name is Armenius Vinci, Custodian, Envoy of the Twelve and harbinger of compliance. I come carrying a degree and an ambassador of the High Lords” 


I have been busy and should have lots of stuff to share soon. I’ve finished two Stormwolf transports and have more wulfen, Kaerls, drop pods and a land speeder (the gorgeous Forge World design) on the way. I routinely post WIP pics on our instagram (ironsleet) so recommend following that if you want a WIP feed.

Playing with the army has been immensely rewarding and fun.

Here is the most recent list. Feels really good, fitting of Vlka Fenryka and my project and hits like an asteroid! The Dreadnought is a bit of a loner and misfit tactically, but such a cool model I want to keep it.

:: Jarl Gorevlkae and The Ulfamaður :: Expedition Balewolf :: Thorn Moons compliance M42 ::

1850 Pts – Supplement: Champions of Fenris Roster : Company of the Great Wolf Detachment (29#, 1849 pts)

Rhuncir Gorevlkae, called Lord Balewolf, Jarl, and Rago 

  • 1 Wolf Lord in Power Armour , 230 pts = (base cost 105 + Runic Armour 20 + Storm Shield x1 15 + Krakenbone Sword 35) + Thunderwolf Mount 50 + Melta Bombs 5

Eggeji År, called “Uhldu”, the Guardian of the Revered and the Fallen

  • 1 Iron Priest, 125 pts = (base cost 75) + Thunderwolf Mount 50, 2 Cyberwolf, 30 pts = 2 * 15

Ranulf, called Mastodon, Ancient. 

  • Dreadnought, 105 pts = (base cost 95 + Heavy Flamer 10)

The Vaerangi, Wolf Guard Terminators, 278 pts

  • Hjarkor Rödmoon, Wolf Guard Leader, 38 pts = (33 + Combi-Meltagun 5)
  • Galeg, called Rödhair, Wolf Guard, 38 pts = (33 + Combi-Meltagun 5)
  • Arni Uhl Greyewintr, Wolf Guard, 38 pts = (33 + Combi-Meltagun 5)
  • Ola Rost, Void Claw, Wolf Guard, 48 pts = (33 + Two Wolf Claws 15)
  • Niilor, The Haunted, Void Claw, Wolf Guard, 48 pts = (33 + Two Wolf Claws 15)
  • Heordoth Martian, Iron father, Wolf Guard, 68 pts = (33 + Assault Cannon 20 + Chainfist 15)

Thrar Wargjeger and Kaerl infantry, 

  • 5 Wolf Scouts, 80 pts = 5 * 14 (CCW, pistols + Meltagun 10)

The UlfamaðurWulfen 256 pts

  • Vosla Helclaw, called Slayer, called Threadtaker, Called Hjolda, 1st Scout, 1 Wulfen42 (30 + Two Frost Claws 12)
  • Rerthung Uhl , called Beast, 1 Wulfen42 (30 + Two Frost Claws 12)
  • Ullste Jungchrot, 1 Wulfen42 (30 + Two Frost Claws 12)
  • Borg Gaard, 1 Wulfen, 50 (30 + Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield 20)
  • Ristan Uhl Wyrdhammar, 1 Wulfen, 50 (30 + Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield 20)
  • Alfgeir, 1 Wulfen, 30 pts
    Hjolda, 1 Stormwolf, 235 pts = (215) + 2x Twin-linked Multi-meltas 20

1 Land Speeder, 75 pts = (50) + Typhoon Missile Launcher x1 25

Thunderwolves, 200 pts

  • Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader, 65 pts = (base cost 40 + Power Fist x1 25)
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry, 40 pos
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry, 55 pts = (base cost 40 + Storm Shield x1 15)
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry, 40 pts

1 Stormwolf, 235 pts = (base cost 215) + 2x Twin-linked Multi-meltas 20

Validation Report:
Battle-forged; Scenario: Normal Mission
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report: HQ: 2 (- – -) Elite: 4 (- – -) Troops: 0 (- – -) Fast: 3 (- – -) Heavy: 0 (- – -) LOW: 0 (0 – 1) Fort: 0 (0 – 1)



9 thoughts on “Saga of the Golden Captain – Fenrys Answers!

  1. Excellent; love it. The models look great and the story leaves me wanting more!

    One thing I would say, not to be rude but because I think you might not be a native English speaker, is that “it’s” is short for “it is” whereas the possessive form of “its” does not have an apostrophe (being an exception to the rule that an apostrophe indicates ownership). I hope that helps.

    Great work 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And thanks for the note, well aware of that and used it both correctly and incorrectly in the story. 🙂 Would blame autocorrect, but this really was my bad.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. (I’m = I am) English – and (linking word) – I ain’t (slang form of ‘haven’t’ in this case = have not) got a clue (alt: have no clue or do not have a clue) about any (redundant word, used for emphasis) rules – (it’s = It is) all made up (phrasal verb, to ‘make it up’, meaning ‘to fabricate’) anyway (adverb, used to confirm or support a point or idea just mentioned).

      In truth, Thistle shows a sophisticated command of English.

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    1. Thanks. I wasn’t invited to Outgard. Nor was Toni I think. So Mikko and Kari are going to represent us I hope. In my case I had previous commitment to Alabaster, which hopefully will be a landmark Imunda event in the US in November,

      Liked by 1 person

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