Inquisitor Trilogy – Case Closed

The Inquisitor Trilogy archived – thank you ever so much John! It’s been a labor of love these three groups, an opportunity to be decidedly experimental and expressive, and as soon as I got the White Dwarf I started a new Inquisitor. It is time to be much much bolder with paint.

+ Here they are +

Illuminati Aquila – Sigillite Pelagius, hero of the imperium, Slayer of Legionnaires.Ā 



9 thoughts on “Inquisitor Trilogy – Case Closed

  1. Lovely to see them in print again mate – it’s so important to have something other than hyper-technical, NMM/OSL Golden Daemon miniporn to aspire to. Long live Lord Thistle, and three cheers for the scions of house Iron Sleet.

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  2. Migs – well deserved trilogy of Blanchitsu. I have to say that I think the WD photographer has done an amazing job capturing the Illuminati Aquila. Also so good to have all three warbands in one article.

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  3. It’s been great having been a part of this project, Migs. The Shaddes were revolutionary at the time, not least for revealing that there were other people out there doing what I was doing and that a different way was not only possible, but necessary and viable. Fast-forward some ten years or so and there’s the spark for the final chapter in the form of one of my earliest projects for GW. The hobby as mimesis.

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