Ork Kommando

Ork Kommando. Inspired by the wonderful Alex Boyd art. Heavily converted (torso and arms custom sculpted) to match the look with the original artwork. Painted using Vallejo primary colours flat blue, flat red, deep yellow + white but no black. Metallics painted with Vallejo liquid silver.


9 thoughts on “Ork Kommando

  1. Cool! He has been a long time on his way but it’s kind of a good symbol for your return to action!
    The sculpting and conversion work is especially commendable because it just looks like a model I could go and buy, until I noticed the space marine helmet on the base and that really gave off the monster scale.
    Somehow I also like that red, blue, and yellow are featured in their pure form on the miniature. A difficult trick to pull off nicely.


  2. Big fella!

    I love the skin color, seems as realistic as you can get with a green skinned mountain of muscle! Seeing that you made it with just five colors is also very impressive. (particularly for someone like me who has trouble picking colors even with provided with a named and ready to use bottle)

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  3. It’s a fantastic piece Mikko, both so understated and so bloody (axe) impressive!! Cant wait to see some size comparison pics at some point. I have ahunge he is much bigger than first appears.


  4. Stunning work Mikko! Good to see it painted – credits for using only primary colours on this one. The orange/sepia shading on the green works very well!


  5. Awesome Kommando, captures the grit and weight of the 40k orks nicely! Would love to see more orks from you Mikko


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