Blood Bowl – The Kick-off

Good evening folks! I welcome myself back from a long off-season with this short post.

The new edition of beloved Blood Bowl has been out for some time now, and no doubt I had to get my hands on it too. I’ve always found the crazy alternate version of the Fantasy universe very appealing along with the gameplay’s balance between tactics and luck. The local shopkeeper was even able to lure me in a small league, but before I’ll be able to get in to action I’m supposed to paint at least 11 players for the team…

Well, to keep the spirit up I’ve been playing Blood Bowl 2 for PS4. For the game I created a human team for my own amusement and named it after the hometown of my favourite Greatswords of the Old World, Carroburg.

I took the team for a solo league and started creating all kinds of stories for the team members, like I often do when I play games that leave its characters very superficial; There were four veteran blizzers that formed the spearhead of the team, a strong star material in a form of a catcher, a father and his son and so on. I became very fond of this team and thought it would be a great idea to bring it to the table top version too.

Carroburg Cutthroats are a brutal brotherhood of the city they’re named after. Their team is formed from scar-faced convicts and backstabbing thugs of the murky streets. They are filt who’ve been given a seconds change playing the cruel game in the bloody pits and arenas. Their jagged armours are all black with random patterns and stripes painted in white.

I’ve done some small modifications to all the members of the team. Head swap here, arm cut off and replaced with another one, extra ball removed from one and so on. They are shaping out slowly but surely. The heads of Greatswords and other Old Empire characters work well with this set of human players.

So, sports fans, it’s time to kick-off this project and cheer it to the finals. My intention is to post at least once a week an update – wip-shot, story, illustration, whatever! – here on Iron Sleet, so keep checking this spot, namely tags like #bloodbowl and #carroburgcutthroats!



11 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – The Kick-off

  1. Looks great! I’m converting a handful of my own humans into Rotters for a Nurgle team. The padding and armor for these humans are the most versatile BB figures I’ve seen in ages.

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  2. Very cool to see you making Blood Bowl conversions. The only disadvantage is that I have my own team “Arsenal Nuln” already finished, but maybe I will do some substitutes if I get ispiration :). I have also done some conversions, all my blitzers have got blades from the Greatswords (These are no swords, its only protection gear! Yes, yes!). And one lineman has the fire-headpiece from the flagellants and another their back banner with the inscription “der feind drinnen” inspired from the Nuln drawing from John Blanche. If you like to see them, you could look on Facebook Michael Schönhofen, if you see the Picture from an Imperial Gunmaster with an telescope, its me 🙂 (This is my coach of Arsenal Nuln) .


  3. Nice to see you back at the hobbytable. I’ve got a soft spot for the game myself. I love the witty somewhat meanspirited humour of early GW and Blood Bowl epitomises that.

    Gotta get started on that skaven team I was planning…


  4. I’ve been looking into making myself a new goblin team, so whilst I’m hoping that GW release one, I may well end up making a team myself from knoblars. ^^


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