Jarl Av Ulfamaður – The Wulfen King

Plan was to share this model with Stefan’s Green Mechanicvm elder one – two takes on the same Primarch, but our Dane works his magic so slowly I had stop the funk by sharing the work and hopefully finding some energy and momentum from the feedback again.

I’m really happy how the squad is shaping up. They have a unified visuals, but are such strong individuals with their own saga to share.

It can be an oddly isolated experience here at the end of the western world, being part of a group of friends who all live in Nordic countries and Nottingham. Not having the shared mission of Pilgrym or Alabaster or similar has really made me spend the time on work, family and philosophy and the outdoors, while hopefully the next collective fireworks gets defined soon. There is a special piece to share from John when it does!

Happy Easter!





7 thoughts on “Jarl Av Ulfamaður – The Wulfen King

  1. Guaranteed goodness. It’s crazy how you make those FW Gal Vorbak and primarchs (and even the overused slaughterpriest!!) look like they are specifically made to be space wolves kit 😁

    Also looking forward to see what’s up next with the thorn moons crusade. The overall concept is super inspiring.

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  2. Amazing work Migs! Such simplicity and ferocity.

    I like the reference to the classic SW miniature Njal Stormcaller, intended or not. This is what is so great about your Vlka Fenryka, its a highly personal force of raw Fenrisian nature and yet it also draws upon decades of texts, miniatures and artwork (the best of it).

    In the proces you have created a Vlka Fenryka as it should look like!

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  3. Great work! I love the creative use of the tree lord face as a sort of beastly skull crown/facemask/helmet 🙂

    I have to say i absolutely love your whole interpretation of the Vlka Fenryka. They just all feel so…alien to any culture in the rest of the Imperium.

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