Carroburg Cutthroats WIP #1

Welcome back to track the records of the renowned Carroburg Cutthroats, my ongoing Blood Bowl human team project. I’ve been fine-tuning some minis as well as drawing inspiring mugshots for the players in the team. So far I’ve managed to do four pieces, very rough pencil illustrations. There’s a certain tone I’m looking for along with the mind-free drawing, which basically means drawing what comes to my mind, eh.

Carroburg Cutthroats – Mugshots

It has been pretty interesting week at work too. The advertising agency I work at made a deal with the local American Football team, which means that we’ll be their creative agency for the next few years. The team is one of the oldest Finnish American Football teams and they have strong roots in the scene. Anyways, since I will be managing their projects, I will also get familiar with the world they live in. Not only am I super excited for this opportunity to be part of creating a new direction for their marketing, but I will also look forward to learn a lot of new things about the American Football scene in general – which is basically a softball version of the Blood Bowl, ain’t it?

Back to Cutthroats. Here’s couple of players under way. Some simple headswaps to change the doubles to two singles. I’ve added some puritys seals here and there too, to give a small touch of appreciation to their armours.

Catcher #1 WIP
Lineman #1 WIP
Lineman #2 WIP

Next week I’m planning to paint the first player for the team, probably the Cather #1 (no name yet) – It will be a small stretch for me though, since it’s going to be a busy week.

I will be testing some new techniques and try to find a suitable colour scheme for the uniform. I’ll probably stick with the familiar (and safe) dark palette with pale skin tones.

Until next time, Cutthroats – Go Cut Throats!


3 thoughts on “Carroburg Cutthroats WIP #1

  1. They should be red, or at least some parts red, they are from Carroburg. As you say dark I think black, maybe black with red X like the Death Company? This would fit with what you wrote in the last post, that they are convicts who get a second chance.


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