Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver

A stunner from Denmark this monday morning. Stefan a.k.a FPOA, one of our four Thorn Moons campaign masterminds, and very much the inspiration for the whole affair here to share some new work. WOW.


Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver

+ Crataegus, 330th Moon Tide, Congression of the Elder Ones +

The wind had grown heavily during the current moon tide as it was nearing its end and a new moon would rise. It had turned the cylindrical clearing into a storm chamber, which, like an archaic drone, amplified the melodic voices that rose from its centre to be carried through the labyrinthine expanse of hissing biomechanical forest surrounding it. 

Fifteen immense figures stood facing each other in a wide circle enhancing the peripheral shape of the moss-covered walls of the clearing. They were all clad in ornate armour and wielded tall, bio-mechanical haw staffs, which made them look like tree giants emerging from the very forest that surrounded them. 

The sound of the Silva Chorus was heard as a faint aucustic backdrop emanating from the forest behind them, as the fifteen giants raised their voices, one after another, into what at first impression seemed to be a unified hymn, but through closer listening appeared to be a song constantly changing in melody and pace like a flowing river. 

”As the Thousandth Son I am reborn. I am a wanderer of moons, a changer of ways. From Throne to Thorne,” they sang in unison with their storm-ridden voices, both distinctly human and with the deep and resonant sound of hollow tree trunks.

When the first snowflake gently touched the mossy forest floor in the centre of the clearing before them it quickly melted into a small droplet, which disappeared into the undergrowth like a tear in rain.


Song of Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver

With a Thousand Sons I walked on a moon of thornes

Until its hollow ways enclosed my body and thought 

Until they ran like tributaries of shade through my veins. 

For a thousand years I melted glacial crystals

With my tongue to speak new life

Until my voice was a storm ridden forest.

Such is my task, Great Metamorphoser

To weave, conjure, illuminate

To walk the Fearways, bring forth reinvigorated life  

Cloaked in dark shades of green

I am Thorne among ghosts and ghosts-to-be

I am time and time is me, 

As the Thousandth Son I am reborn

I am a wanderer of moons, a changer of ways.

From Throne to Thorne.

I must live, I must die, and live again

I am the memory of all that came before,

I am the worlds soil, and the world anew.


The Elder Ones have grown from the narrative I developed for the Pilgrym and am further exploring for the Thorn Moons Crusade. It is a narrative in which I explore the role of nature in the Imperium. Apart from the fabulously organic and deeply sensuous work of John Blanche this was something I felt was missing in the official chronicles of 40K.

This in turn led to the birth of Crataegus Fragmentum, a long forgotten region of Halo Stars and Thorn Moons cut off from the Imperium by The Rift since the time of the Horus Heresy, and the development of the Green Mechanicvm who colonised the thorn moons with an intention to uncover the ultimate knowledge of the original genetics of the Imperium of Mankind.

What I discovered while developing this narrative was that the Green Mechanicvm were only actors in a grander scheme of transforming the failing Golden Throne into the Green Seat of the Emperor Reborn. A scheme of change and transformation in which Bio-Explorers hunting for rare plant specimens in the most distant corners of the Imperium, a Linnæanne Brotherhood of warrior scholars on board an artificial seed vault circling Venus and mysterious so-called Elder Ones hailing from some long forgotten Imperial nobility play what appears to be a central role in securing nature its rightful place in the heart of the Imperium…

Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver, is one of fifteen Elder Ones under way for the Thorn Moons Crusade. Apparently, like his Crataegus brothers, he is a long lost Astartes Legionaire highly gifted in the arts of witchcraft, change and transformation! Built with a few changes fitting the narrative from the fabulous Nightlords Primarch Konrad Curze from Forgeworld. Such a stunningly beautiful model. He is now draped in the cloak of a green traveller catching the wind in the storm ridden clearing before the coming of winter…

From Throne to Thorne!



14 thoughts on “Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver

  1. The things you Iron Sleet chaps do with Primarch models are just amazing.

    What Stefan has been able to do is create what feels like a genuinely new and wonderful addition to the 40k universe. I’ve not seen this done so successfully since Weirding Way created his Navigator household.

    I’m totally in awe. I hope there’s still more to come.


    1. Those Primarch models are simply stunning. Some of the best sculpting I have seen…

      Thank you for the kind words Monkeyballistic. The Navigators are wonderful, so that is quite a compliment. There is much more to come of both the Elder Ones, the Green Mechanicvm and even some of those human servants of nature that are racing to find the missing pieces of the puzzle before the great storm…


  2. Very nice and moody. The figures fit the dark narrative perfectly. The branch like staffs really tie them with the narrative. I can’t wait to see where this project goes. Very inspiring. 😊


    1. Thank you Kristian! The proces of going from narrative to figure back to narrative again is precisely what this is all about 🙂

      All of the fifteen will wield a bio-mechanically enhanced haw staff in one way or the other…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Those Elder Ones are shaping up to be one of the most epic models I’ve seen.

    I just love the green mechanicvm you have created. It’s so unique and rich with depth and possibilities, combined with storytelling that is on par with the overall aesthetic of the 40k.

    Seeing and reading these and watching this collaborative saga unfold is like living the making of The Pilgrym again. Super inspiring and enjoyable. Makes me want to realize the ideas this gives into miniatures: the best aspect of this hobby and where the true joy of it lies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kind words SLMNN! Thank you.

      The Pilgrym was such an epic undertaking. With the Thorn Moons Crusade we want to venture into a similar process of collective character- and world building, but on a quite different level. With the Pilgrym we had Terra, the center of the Imperiumme with all its wonderfully gothic elements, as the backdrop. Now we work together to flesh out a small, unexplored and distant corner of the Imperiumme, which, as it turns out, may hold one of the important keys to its future survival – in whatever form that may be 🙂

      If this in any way can inspire you with ideas to new miniatures thats just wonderful! Please share them with us too 🙂

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  4. Man these guys are such an inspiration. I absolutely love what you’ve done with the Thorne Moons/Green Mechanicum culture. It’s a personal favourite pastime of mine taking a particular concept for a culture, and imagining how that original culture would diverge and get so much stranger given 10,000 years of isolation.

    The denizens of the Thorne Moons are a perfect example of that 🙂

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  5. Hi Migs!

    I’ve admired your custom miniatures for some time. The Alpharius you made was great, and this new fig you made, “Thorne Weaver” is really special as well. Honestly, all of the figures you have made from the Forgeworld primarch line have been outstanding. So I have a question, do you take commissions for custom figs? If so, can we chat via email? My email is:

    THX and stay well!


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