+ Baal Dominatus +

+ The Blood Angels +

+++ ‘I have seen what you must see. I have fought what you must fight. I have slain what you must slay’ – Dante, Chapter Master, Blood Angels Chapter of the Adpetus Astartes +++ “Born as the IXth Legion, the early records of the Legion show a noted absence in many of the key conquests […]

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Thorn Moons Crusade, XX

XX Legion, Taskforce Thorne, M42

“The Emperor created the Astartes to Conquer the galaxy in his name. Each LegionĀ  of the god warriors were made in their Primarch image, to fulfill not only a the perfect all around warrior aspect, but a specific battle field expertise. The Imperial fists were made to defend and build fortifications, the Iron Warriors to […]

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Thorn Moons Crusade

Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver

A stunner from Denmark this monday morning. Stefan a.k.a FPOA, one of our four Thorn Moons campaign masterminds, and very much the inspiration for the whole affair here to share some new work. WOW.   Thurisaz, Thorne Weaver + Crataegus, 330th Moon Tide, Congression of the Elder Ones + The wind had grown heavily during […]

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The Pilgrym

The forgotten Oak – Pilgrym Treeman

Our Danish duo continues their ground braking Greenery work. This time Jakob with the forgotten oak!   The forgotten Oak – building, painting, creating the character The dirt-encrusted brass pipes still had sound in them. Starting as a deep low hum the vibrations grew as a cresendo the smaller pipes starting to squeak, then whine, […]

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