The Hell Blasters

A humble little update in the shadow of FPOAs beautiful, beautiful entry post and his host of Old Ones. I wanted to get this out of the way as I push to finish something much more exciting by the end of the week. 

Here is the squad of Hell Blasters. Proof I am able to replicate the somewhat esoteric paint scheme successfully. This is a very rewarding phase of army building as each new unit adds so much, and this set of five made the force feel like a small army.

I haven’t felt similar hobby flow for a long time. The release of official True Scale marines has been such a sweet, ideal, dose of new army building where each month there are new models to add, and I’m building, then painting one unit a time. 

Once again, I’ve provided a few pictures in natural light and a few at night for you to get a broader idea of the scheme.



16 thoughts on “The Hell Blasters

  1. Leave it to you to paint the best looking Primaris yet. Not only is your weathering very on point, your careful integration of bitz and conversions really brings this to life. The backpack swap is ingenious and very subtle. That sergeant with an avian skull on his belt is tremendous.

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  2. Great job!
    Love the shortened Plasmaguns.
    I never write up my recipies so i always struggle if i get back to a force and try to reproduce the paint scheme. Very well done there!

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    1. Thanks. I also never write them up. The tricky thing here is to get the light to the right level so that the following filters and washes bring down the over all look to match the reference models that are finished and no longer show the stages 🙂


  3. As always your work is stunning Migs. It’s impressive to see your paint scheme on a large scale. I’m glad to see your army evolved. Have you already choose the next addition for your force? (Do you compose your armies with the Battle-forged rules?)

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    1. Thank you. I’ve already built the next unit and hope to somehow power through the painting this weekend to get gaming. I tend to construct the armies to match the rules, even if there are many “count as” solutions. I’ve always loved playing the game and intend to do more of it now my son is really getting into the hobby.


  4. These are looking phenomenal Migs. Exactly as Astartes should!

    I particularly love the look of them all together. The more their numbers grow, the more they look like an ethereal ghostly host. Perfect for the shades of the Alpha Legion 😉

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m so eager to add a few human units for scale. The upcoming Necromunda will offer great fresh sources of esoteric human infantry, but I am also really really hoping Games Workshop does Imperial Guard soon. Several new, classic regiments, resurrected to this century. Looking at the Mechanicus line too and contemplating.

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      1. Absolutely hoping the same…
        We do need some fresh multipart-kits for human soldiers, manufactured to GWs top standard in detail and sharpness.
        Something to become the new converters dreamkit.
        I would love to see either a new approach to cadianishly, modern-but-grimdark guards, or something more iconic, napoleonic hints, more elaborate uniforms, new facial expressions and such.

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      2. As the Deatk Korps already have set the standard for coated, WWI (or WWIIish) models, i have no need for more gasmask-long coat themes.


      3. Human auxilia alongside Astartes forces are one of my favourite things 🙂 there’s a massive amount of scope and potential for some really kickass conversions.

        I’m really looking forward to the new Necromunda kits as a bit of a kitbasher’s toolbox as well. The Mechanicus and GS Cults kits have been absolutely golden in that regard already.

        I’d love a new multi-option Guard regiment kit done to GW’s new gorgeous modelling standard. Say a mix-and-match kit with 10 regular legs that can be paired to a variety of armoured, unarmoured, greatcoated torsos and a similar array of heads (gasmasked, bare, swathed in rags and helmets of various designs) with which you can create a whole host of different Guard regiments simply by changing up which bits you use (and pinch bits from for more ambitious conversions).

        A man can dream, no?

        Any teasers as to what direction you’re thinking with XX auxilia?

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  5. Utterly excellent; all of the small touches really improve the “primaris” marines and the colour and effect of the army is truly impressive, shadowy, ghostly and yet with a brilliance that shines through.

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