Xenos: Arbores Opscurus

The 121st Moon is where we’ll make our base. Our records indicate it was once a Agri-World but transmissions have seized millenia ago. Imperial technology isn’t picked up by sensors, but there is definitely life. Though when it comes to these hollow Moons, this one is a rather desolate one. Still, expect trouble.

Task force Carrellian, tactical lead Kill-Operative X/14. A small contingency has been tasked to secure landing sites on the 121st moon and report back to Lord Inquisitor Karavnor. They await reinforcements from Terra.

Thorne Denizens. The 121st Moon is characterized by it’s forests, the Arbores Opscurus, being in a state of permanent death and decay. It’s insect-like inhabitants have adapted to it and worship decay as the ultimate rite to afterlife, and becoming one with the Green Man.


As you can see I’m building two forces. The initial plan was to make just an imperial deathwatch force (for which there are 10 more soldiers built awaiting undercoat), but getting aboard the green train was just too much fun to resist. And the poxwalkers make such great additions with minimal converting that I was almost obliged to build them in this manner. Getting to use almost the entire Dark Imperium box for Thorne Moons is a great added bonus.

Additional note: low-light photography is hard! Time to get used to winter light levels again..


19 thoughts on “Xenos: Arbores Opscurus

  1. Love the Kill Team and the concept of human operative working with them. The assassin based model is a simple and elegant transformation with a couple of simple changes.

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. These look excellent; great work. I too love the idea of the human operatives accompanying the astartes, which they surely must for any of it to make sense really. The astartes must conduct the rapid strikes, but they would need retainers to support them and consolidate their gains, as well as lug more ammo!


    1. Cheers! Happy to hear. It looks like daylight photos during the weekend is it for now. Might be a good idea to invest in some more light for painting too..


  3. Superb mate, the blue-greens in that first pic of the Pox is lovely – much more interesting than the khaki greens we usually see. I assume that is close to how they look in natural daylight?


  4. Well these guys are delightful 🙂 both the mixed Deathwatch taskforce of both Astartes and ‘mortals’, and the twisted denizens of Thorn Moon 121.

    I’m a big fan of giving your warbands opposition, enemies and adversaries 🙂 loving the hints of Nurgle’s rot among the moon-denizens too 😉

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  5. Really nice models you have here, Toni. I particularly like the few troopers using Solar Auxilia models. I do not see them used too often, and these fit in perfectly with the modifications and muted color tones.

    Neat to see that you are helping to build the Green Mechanicum force too. As it stands, there are lots of people having their sights on the Green Mechanicum. They probably need all the help they can get.

    As for background for the inhabitants of the Thorn Moons, does it make sense to say they are worshiping decay? Maybe that puts them a little too close to Nurgle? I imagine them being all about the cycle of life. Certainly death and decay is part of that, but only in the sense that it nourishes new life. Things die such that new life can flourish.

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    1. Thanks, I’m happy you like the auxilia models because there’s more to come. And yeah it’s just more fun when you don’t have to commit to a side in this war!

      I figured there are so many moons that some of them might actually well be close to nurgle. After all, the system has been isolated for a long time, and all moons probably haven’t even heard about the horus heresy.


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