Monochrome Moons [Thorne Giant WIP]

Thorne giants, Green giants, Moon giants. Many names for these hulking beasts that roam the forests of Thorn moons.

Cautious and alert by nature. These creatures are sometimes captured by Green Mechanicvm in order to turn them into killing machines. After the creature is captured, advanced brain surgery and gene manipulation techniques are used to radically alter the creatures psyche, thus turning them into ill-tempered murderers under total control of the Mechanicvs.

Some believe that these beasts are infact the living incarnations of the mythical Green Man itself. Green Man Cometh!


12 thoughts on “Monochrome Moons [Thorne Giant WIP]

  1. This is beyond amazing Mikko! Holy Emperor what an excellent beast – a lumbering tribute to the Green Man indeed.

    I love how he simply oozes personality. That poor, melancholic git. Stunning work!


  2. Incredible looking model! The pose is really expressive and imposing. I love all of the textures across the model. He really looks like he is covered in dirt and plant material. I can’t wait to see more!


  3. that’s amazing. great use of texturing and static grass. it took me a minute to realize that this wasn’t a black and white photo – a pretty incredible monochrome effect.


  4. This is truly a remarkable model. It is amazing how much additional life you brought to the already fantastic giant model. The fact that you added details and thoughtful pieces to virtually every aspect of the model is impressive. The addition of different textures is great too, making the creature seem ancient!


  5. So impressive and full of atmosphere.
    The realisme in the textures remind me terrainpieces in the sense that terrain usually enhance all models around them. I can see this guy reslly contributing to scale and visual interaction between the models.


    1. Good observation! Im glad you pointed it out. I wanted to study the relationship between the model and its base. When does the base become a model and vice versa?
      Inspired by FPOA’s wonderfully boreal Mechanicvm of course.
      John’s Voodoo Forest illustrations played big role in it too.
      This is something I want to study in the future too.


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