The Beast

”Forest shakes and branches break. The Green Man is coming!!!


My study of the colours and the mood of Thorn Moons.


Heavily influenced by the Ever-inspiring artwork of John Blanche.


Brother Sleeters also played big role in this project. FPOA original vision for Thorn Moons as well as

Migsulas painting techniques had huge influence in this. Not to forget the work that Toni and Kari had done over the years.


21 thoughts on “The Beast

  1. Oh man, that is so good – the tattoos, the skin texture, the tones, that face! His organic eye is so lifelike, and really speaks of a brutish intelligence. Love it mate!


  2. That is one of the coolest models I’ve ever seen! The colours and textures are superb – you really get a sense of this thing being a part of the forrest, as much as living within it. 👌


  3. Actually amazing, I was waiting to see what the painted version would be like since I first saw the monochrome version!

    Ps. there are no pictures of how one of his arms turns into a log, but I have a feeling it’s a lot like the tree-antler


  4. Wow, great conversion and an even better, very fitting paintjob.
    Two little points of critic from my view.
    The red X and the nice white symbol on the base look a little bit to new and clean compared to the rest of the project.
    Just throw a wash of green and brown over it, and everything should be sweet.


  5. Very original in both creation and painting. The mood the this model conjures forth is grim dark anger; the essence of 40k. This does not even take into account the sheer size of this model. Amazing work.

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