Thorn Moons Regiments: WIP 1/4

Thank you once again for all the work you’ve sent in. We have been suprised by not only the amount, but by the quality, and the fact that some of our favorite talents have entered. And some new people who are just going to be favorites.

While making sense of it all is taking more time than anticipated, we’ve decided to release the work in progress pictures in no particular order. Four sets of 25 entries each will be the build-up for phase II. Once all WIPs have been published, the call for december 1st finished regiments will come. There is a categorisation coming for the second phase, but maybe this is a perfect moment to just look at the Thorn Moons Regiments in all their diversity, and take stock of the madness of mankind in the 42nd millennium.

So without further ado, teasers of the first 25 regiments:

You’ll notice there is only one photo per entrant. We picked the one we felt was best, and even though many came with stories, an element of surprise is best kept for December. There are some seriously unique regiments to delve into.


15 thoughts on “Thorn Moons Regiments: WIP 1/4

    1. Thank you guys for sharing and always inspirating people with more and more awesome stuff. Thanks to the Iron Sleet’s members to giving such awesome projects to the community. And a big THANK YOU to Jhon Blanche without whom nothing like this ever exist.

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  1. Stunning work all round! If I had to pick favourites (and I’d have to be forced) it’d be Martin Grandbarbe’s men-at-arms and Last Analogician’s Rogue Trader.

    That’s by no means a slight on anyone else though as they’re all fantastic 🙂

    And there’s 75 more to come!


  2. Some absolutely brilliant stuff. I’ve been following the blogs and Instagram closely and it’s all very my cup of tea. I’m almost kicking myself that I didn’t join in but ho hum I have too many hobby projects going as it is. Can’t wait to see more!

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