Oduys the Murderer – Deathwatch Dreadnought

I have smelt the foetid breath that issues from the mouth of hell itself.
I have heard the silent voices that make your spine tingle with dread.
I have clashed with creatures the sight of which would sear your soul to the core.
I have been slain in battle and brought back by His divine will.
And still I serve.
For the Emperor’s realm must be cleansed of the taint of the xenos.



12 thoughts on “Oduys the Murderer – Deathwatch Dreadnought

    1. That part is actually modelled and 3D printed specifically for this. Wanted to keep it quite plain to reflect his very narrow and strict mental landscape


  1. Ditto, stunning work. Love how you have managed to give it an overall, weather – and war – beaten look and yet incorporate small details to give it a sense of personality! Some great takes on the Dreadnought now, which makes me want to make one for the Crataegus Legionaires…


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