Thorn Moons Regiments: WIP 4/4

With the final bunch we are gearing up for friday’s deadline for painted entries. What a trip it’s been for this first month. There are amazing flashes of genius within the collection of 500 miniatures, and a terrific variety of different themes. The coolest thing at this point though, is how well they connect and how the big picture has started to form!

So thank you everyone for the experience. The best part is yet to come.

An email about sending your photographed entries will be sent to everyone within the one hundred published artists. For everyone else: just sit back, enjoy, and wait for December the 3rd!


13 thoughts on “Thorn Moons Regiments: WIP 4/4

  1. Crazy to see your own minis on the site that got me into 40K again a year ago. It’s been a great ride so far and like the WIPs I will paint until the very last hours of the deadline. Evil work is getting in the way.

    Love the diversity, can’t wait to see the painted versions. How will they be presented? The same as the WIPs in batches of 4 or will you do more themed postings?

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  2. Again many stunning entries !! Fantastic !! Sadly i will not be able to finish mine in time….
    Too busy and not having a lot of time this month.

    Can’t wait to see how it goes next month. Have fun and thanks Iron Sleet.


  3. Wahey! I’ve been waiting for mine to pop up 🙂

    Phenomenal talent all round. Cannot wait to start seeing these filter through with paint.

    Quick question. Through exuberance and enthusiasm I’ve wound up with…rather more…than the 5 models asked for. Would you prefer pictures of a select 5 or a broader range of gribbly Crows 😉


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