Thorn Moons Regiments: Noble Houses and Imperial Agents, Part I

Many are the faces of the enemy, and many are the hands which do its work. I trust no-one and spare no effort until I am satisfied that all of Chaos’ servants are purged from this place. 

– Silas Hand, Inquisitor


Bonewardens – House Marrouw, The Bone Wardens

House Marrouw, an ancient dynasty of renowned antique chroniclers or heartless grave robbers depending on who you ask. When access to worlds unreachable for millennia suddenly became possible an expedition was organized with dangerous haste. Leading a band of efficient servants, dedicated house guard, rough expedition veterans, and fickle mercenaries, the youngest blood representative of House Marrouw embarks on a mission to survey and plunder the Thorn Moon’s many dead.

Christopher Young



DV8 – Phemeus Bethor and Retinue

Phemeus scratched out the moss from the stone with the sole of its boots. “This is it?”

Malloc took some times to observe the inscription. He quickly brushed each grapheme, trying to figure out what would be the most convincing answer. “Yes… this is it.”

“Are you sure?”

“I have never been so sure.”

“You were sure on Valreinya. On Seonides also. And on Brion IV…”

Malloc took à deep breath. “I am sure now. This, is his grave.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“The inscription is in Checit.”

“In Checit?”

“Yes. He spends eight years with the tribe on Cherth 8A.”

“I know.”

“It has to be it. If not, what can it be? In the middle of this dead-jungle?” Malloc Merisier was a cool head but the skeptic nature of Phemeus Bethor was sometimes hard to stand. Especially today : after all these decades chasing the ghost of a mythic rogue trader, Malloc knew the mystery was ending here, a few clicks away.

“Then we must be ready.” Phemeus turned to face his retinue: “We are professionals, we all know what we have to do. But be aware: it already know we are here…”



Effrit Ranko – The Blazing Sun Guard

Founded on the agri planet of Aver Landise, the Blazing Sun guard were brought into existence during m.39, exact date of origin unknown. They were formed when the ruling merchant house of Aver Landise, the Von Kragsburgs, needed to provide protection for their fledgling fleets venturing into unknown space to establish trade routes. Humble beginnings as a small militia force grew and expanded as the fleets established contact with the surrounding moons and planets in the Ostereik sector. Several centuries later and the Blazing Sun guard are renowned mercenaries for hire providing short and long contract operations throughout the sub sector. Taking stock from the outlying planets and moons as well as a large contingent on Aver Landise the mercenaries have a varied appearance not enforcing a strict uniform as such.

This group of Blazing Sun guard (pictured) are currently 27 years into a hundred year contract with the exploratory vessel The Odesscium. With a standing crew of 32, they provide security on board the ship and also escort duties when the explorators require protection entering new uncharted environments. The group pictured are in final preparation to make planet fall above a minor Thorn Moon recently accessible after isolation for many years.



HobbyTyrant – Arcothias Planetary Defense Force

The combined hive and forge world Arcothia prime is one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced worlds in its sector. That does not mean that all of its citizens takes part in the surplus of goods and technology it produces. Far from it.

Arcothia’s “success” can mostly be explained by two things.

First, the perfect mix of worlds that makes the entire system almost self-sufficient. Unfortunately the supply of food and energy has dwindled recently so the ruling class of Arcothia are in search of new sources to keep the forges running.

Second, the close ties to the Mechanicus presence there. The Mechanicus are very proficient in creating servitors of all kinds and the hive cities are full off test subjects. The aristocracy have gladly handed over criminals and dissidents to the slabs of the Magos Biologus. In fact, the system is not much more than a slave factory controlled by a few noble houses.

Now that a chance for expansion has revealed itself in form of the Thorn Moons crusade the noble houses leads the bulk of the Planetary Defense Force, servitors and elite regiments to conquer in the name of Arcothia. And the Emperor of course.

//Mattias “HobbyTyrant” Persson


Kihriban – The Shadow Prophets

Geiger slumped into his seat and buried his head into his hands. He was exhausted. Truth was, he was scared.

Had the ten of cogs fallen true? He had had no doubt initially, but the more he thought about it, the more he remembered a nudge. Had Master Tarralax felt it? It didn’t seem so, but then the Master had never been as sensitive to the Deck.

Geiger was still wallowing in the grief from Marcus’ passing. Could that be why he was second guessing himself? He only had two keepsakes left from Marcus, Bart and the ring he kept on a necklace next to his skin. But no, not down that rabbit-hole again…

His former Master who had taught him the Deck had warned him about the Deck’s bastards. There were few bastards as unholy as the Deck of Thornes. Could that have interfered with his reading? A master player could have…

And now, because of his reading, they were barrelling towards the Thorn Moons. Geiger had always been an excellent reader, but he had never been a player.  Had it fallen true? Should it have been reversed? Fallen elsewhere in the spread?

Had he been played?




Legatho – The Wild Child and The 76th Sector’s Guard

The wild child, the missing son of a nobleman. He grew up alone in the implacable nature developing his senses and his strength in the paroxism of human limits. He’s now acting as a guide for the 76th sector’s guard… Luthor Heïss, a preacher, is the man who found the wild child in the forest. He raised him as his own son, teatching him the Empire history and the dangers of the universe. With them, some militants, various kind of warriors coming from differents Imperial guard regiments, not specialy the best ones, but the bravest. Nobody knows if they are pretecting the wild child because of his noble rank or if they protect other people from his anger. Until this day, they were living in an advance defense post in the 76th sector. But now, they are following a quest. They have to find some old relics from the green mechanicum for an Inquisitor who’s staying in the dark… And so, it’s a new journey which is starting in the Thorn Moons.

Manu de Pouget aka Legatho


Mechsaurus – The Sect of His Holy Light

The sect of His Holy Light, have long been tolerated by the ecclesiarch even though they are a more radical aspect of the imperial faith. In truth the sect predates the ecclesiarch and has its founding during the great crusade. Imperial records show that there obsession with “spreading his light” and “bringing illumination” stems from the emperors original crusade to bring illumination to the galaxy through science and fact.

Whether fact or fiction, the sects first Arch Deacon and founder was said to have been blinded by the radiance of the emperor upon seeing him and was granted a divine vision of the emperors light cleansing the galaxy of darkness. Perhaps this is why they have an affinity for light emitting weapons such as, plasma and flamers?

Their practices are often at odds, as they regularly seek out and purge mutants, wyrds and cults, with a fanatical fervour which they call bringing illumination, whilst simultaneously setting up and maintaining scholariums. This aspect of the sect is perhaps why they have a strong connection with the Mechanicum, which regularly maintains their armaments and the fast cathedral ships of their fleet.

With access now open to the Crataegus Fragmentum it is no wonder that the sect has sent out one of its expeditionary groups to bring illumination to the darkness of the Thorne Moons.



We are thrilled to begin the week with the first part of some stunning Thorn Moons Regiments consisting of Noble Houses and Imperial Agents. When going through and carefully reading all your entries it became clear to us that in the Thorn Moons Crusade, like in so many other Imperial crusades through time, the true role of and sharp distinction between Rogue Traders, Noble Merchant Houses and Agents of the Imperium in many cases is blurred!


On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

14 thoughts on “Thorn Moons Regiments: Noble Houses and Imperial Agents, Part I

  1. One more time, and still so many great things ! Really dig the Arcothias Planetary Defense Force ! For m own entry, the history’s not done ! The secret inquisitor (well she’s an inquisitrix) will be feature in my new blog next days with her retinue. Thank you guys for this event ! ‘Till next year for the third !

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  2. There are some real creative gems mixed in amongst these models. Excellent work to all those involved. Out of curiosity is there a third part for us to participate in after this month is done revealing all this wonderful models?

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  3. The Arcothias Planetary Defense Force is a Wooowww! But all of these are truelly inspirationnals.
    I wish we could put all of these one the same table for a giant mix-campaign: that would be wicked!
    The one who would be able to do so will be the true lords of the Hobby 😉 …

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  4. Another round of great entries. Having seen HobbyTyrant’s Arcothia minis in person the minis are even better in person. But it was the horned brute in the Legatho’s pack that grabbed my attention. It really is the horns that make the man!

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  5. More great work all round – love the poor cyberised bear and the horned warrior.

    I love how eclectic and weird DV8’s warband is, it’s rare to see such totally out there colourful characters together. I love the use of that dog-head from the old Possessed kit, and the GSC torso works nicely back to front.

    Each of the Arcothians is a work of art – the Imperial bureaucrat bedecked in hat and coat tapping away on his cogitator unit, the foppish cyborg with duelling pistols, the gleaming mask-faced stormtrooper and the poor lobotomised guardsman and servitor. You’ve really captured the range of Imperial society in one beautifully modelled and painted group, HobbyTyrant!

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you said “range of Imperial society” because that is exactly what I went for.
      “Study humanity in the eternal war” was a sentence from the first post about this project that really got stuck in my head.

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