Thorn Moons Regiments: Humble Humans, Part I

What is the strongest weapon of mankind? The god-machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus? No! The Astartes Legions? No! The tank? The lasgun? The fist? Not at all! Courage and courage alone stands above them all!

– From the scriptures of Danne Abnett, Warrior Poet, M.2.

Upplander – The Orcynian Dragoons, 42nd Furioso Hinterland Regiment


The humidity was stifling, the tree canopy overhead was so high it could hardly be seen through the miasma of spores and insects. Breathing was arduous, many of the troopers pulling material scraps up over their faces to filter the thick soup of unchecked wildlife. The forest floor, for want of a better term, was a labyrinthine maze of canyons, rocky escarpments and nightmarishly large root structures. If that wasn’t challenge enough, the darkness didn’t abate, the sun providing little more than a dull glow through the dense boreal tree-scape.

The whole deployment had been a farce, materiel had been delayed in-transit, likely commandeered to a more prestigious regiment, so they had only their life-suits and autoguns, no front-line carapace armour, respirators or reliable las-rifles, not for the Hinterlanders. ‘First Born and First Forgotten’ as the saying went, all serving for the oaths of a generation no one remembers.

Still it didn’t matter, they were specialists, ‘the right tool for the job’, or at least that’s what the briefing announcements decreed. The Hinterland Regiments, known for their expert forest world reconnaissance and skirmish tactics, would provide escort for the scouting cartographers and establish the nature of any combatant threats encountered.


Pictergrammable – Theta Task Force


6 223 972M41 // 16th Moon // Acrid Plains

This is Theta task force leader Maros reporting to base camp. Head count five; vox operator and three troops. The wilderness hasn’t been kind to us. Troops with light issue rebreather were lost within few first days. Wild beasts, poisonous thorned leaves and challenging terrain have been reducing our numbers. This moon is hostile, acting against us and treading our troops day by day.

The Lingua-Vox Servitor has been acquired. Brother Kon was able to locate it’s signal many days ago but these adversities have been slowing us down. With such a small force any surprise we head into can be fatal so we need to progress with caution.

Our analysis shows that the data slate inside the Servo Skull is intact but extracting the intel requires more sophisticated tools. This Lingua-Vox Servitor is truely something! Without the wretched state of our task force I would truely appreciate an ancient artefact like this but now my full concentration is on bringing the objective back to base camp with as many troops alive as possible.

We now proceed heading back towards the camp through Karos’ pass. The path behind us is not sound anymore.

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Jools Ajs – Adeptus Indagatus


1st Officer, Adeptus Indagatus, Personal Log.

Of all the forest moons we have explored in The Emperor’s name, this one seems different and this corner of this moon seems to be the worst. The very air we breathe seems dense… …almost viscous, as if trying to resist our inhalations…    …as if the air itself is fighting back. This sentient gas is sick, and its sickness permeates our lungs and courses through our blood, saturating our humors until our bodies fight back, expectorating in a vain attempt expel this lacrymatory atmosphere.

The Chirurgeon General seems to be worst affected. Behind his goggles, his eyes no longer look at us, but through us. His skin now bares the pallid hue and waxy texture of a laudanum addict. His servitors, bound to him by a psychic link which had once allowed his great mind to fulfil all the duties of a field surgery simultaneously through five bodies, are now equally changed.

There are shapes in the distance, movements. It is unclear what is real and what is the sickness that possesses us…    …whether this place is insane, or we are. We need to find a way out.

End log.

Jools Ajs


Iason Papanastassiou – The Shields of Othanes


The 152nd Umbonis regiment, also known as “Shields of Othanes” , hails from the civilized world of Othanes, in the Eastern Fringe, and was the main asset of the world’s planetary defence forces.

After successfully repelling a feroucious attempt of invasion from the ever exanding T’au Empire, the regiment came to be noticed by the Sub-sector Astra Militarum High Command, and after thorough examination and testing was deemed fit for duty in the armies of the Imperium.

Their first off-world deployment  was to be the war zone known as “The Thorn Moons”.

Amidts great numbers of ancient regiments of great renown, the 152nd’s men and women will have to prove their worth in the eyes of  High Command.

The great honour of being counted as a fighting regiment of the Emperors’s armies won’t be embraced equally by glory-seeking officers, or simple soldiers longing for survival and home; Nonetheless, the 152nd will fight.

The Emperor Protects.

Iason Papanastassiou



Dressk/Remi – 4th Dragons of Pyran


4th dragons of Pyran, one of the finest cavalery regiment in all Astra Militarum. But what is a cavalery regiment without horses…The horses never arrived on the planet. Here they were, feet in the mud like the foot soldiers they used to despise with so much disdain. At first it seemed like a terrible mistake, but the commissars insisted : it was no mistake as the Imperium of man does not make mistake. Then the other regiment arrived. How many useless experts were assembled here ? Soldiers from Valhalla, specialised in cold environnement thrown on a hot journey in hell, Ork hunters with no orks in sight, regiments of drop troop who can’t use their Grav-Chutes beacuse of the density of the forest…The list was unending and the aberration was uncountable.

Suddenly all made sense. A few of the most lucid men understood the ugly truth behind this terrific gathering of hundred of regiments. The commissars were absolutly right. It was not a mistake. Imperium of man does’nt make mistake. The High Commander did’nt need cavalery men or fancy drop troops…They just needed thousands and thousands of men ready to die. A huge wall to protect Humanity, made of insignificant men.

Dressk / Remi


28th Scribe – The Gelidan Hive Hird


+++Conscripts of the Gelidan Hive Hird+++

+++Subject “Kol” inproptu squadleader+++

+++The enormous dropship shook as it descended to the thorn moons. Kol looked around his gang where with him they had all been drafted by the hird in one of the big raids. They had just been in the wrong place on the wrong time. He cursed his fate being shipped off to these distant worlds. At least he wasn’t alone. They were standing tightly packed. The smell of sweaty bodies mixed with the oil as the coldness of space was pushed out of the poorly isolated craft replaced by the burning heat of atmosphere re-entry. Then came a ear deafening sound and the whole craft shook.  Kols guts were trown into his chest as the ship was thrown into a spin. Then his mind went black.+++



What a treat – and a lot of work – it has been to go through all your remarkable Thorn Moons Regiments!

This is the first of two in a new category called Humble Humans, which include all those Imperial regiments that are making or have already made moon fall and entered into a boreal world of terrors!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have – and look forward to the second part!



On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

8 thoughts on “Thorn Moons Regiments: Humble Humans, Part I

  1. Wonderful work every one!
    Humble humans, that’s a great name for this category. It’s exactly what I had in mind creating my conscripts. And how lovely to see the directions every one taken not one the others like.


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