The Lorryman




“I am the way into the city of woe,
I am the way into eternal pain,
I am the way to go among the lost.

Justice caused my high architect to move,
Divine omnipotence created me,
The highest wisdom, and the primal love.

Before me there were no created things
But those that last forever—as do I.
Abandon all hope you who enter here.”

– Inferno







Dante, The Lorryman

My guide through darkness, Illiterate Librarian, path finder and protector. Dante, the longest serving of my tribe. A quiet recluse, that hides a primal cunning and a sixth sense for way finding  behind his illiterate, malformed, absent minded form. 




Good day ladies and gentlemen,

Happy to share the next member of the Untold and a good spread of new images that capture the shades of black in new light. I’m really happy about the first group shot above as it is really starting to capture the full range of blacks and the distinct character of each member.









7 thoughts on “The Lorryman

  1. Just finished reading all these Untold posts: Absolutely amazing Migs! Musing the story unfold is at least equivalent to Black Library stuff.

    I cannot pick a favorite of the models. There’s great balance that depicts well what it means to create a retinue. Contrasts of the inquisitor, scale of the specialist, composure and colors of the lorryman. Can’t wait what’s up next!

    Ps. I gotta post some pics the 1800- biblia I have that’s similar to yours and has (quite fitting to theme, as he has done the famous Dante woodcuts) Dore’s illustrations.

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