The Chrono-Gladiator


“What we do in life echoes in eternity!” – Ancient Terran Gladiator and General


Leopold, The Retired

I found him broken. Discarded. Humiliated. Once a champion pit-slayer, a chrono-gladiator with a tally of sector wide reputation, you may have heard of him?

Leopold met his end like they all do. Ripped apart by another predator, to the cheers of millions watching. But he refused to die (this would later become a pattern), and the Cartel, in their greed, made him a servitor. Crude cargo arms replaced what was left of his vat-grown bundles of muscle and plasteel, the MIU-links lacking any sophistication to drive them with the speeds required for martial combat. Meaningless labor to death replaced the thrill of taking life to wild cheers of human cultures. Eventually he protested, the only way he could, with devastation. Of scale enough to come to my attention.

Impressed, I offered him a job.


Merry Candlemas dear friends!

What a year it has been. So much to say – so little time between the holiday hassles – but really wanted to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who make this blog so special with your support and comments. Thank you!

Next year will be Thorn Moons proper and if Finland and Denmark execute and absolute Epic undertaking.

Here’s a candlelit triptych of key Untold characters to enjoy and quick peek at what comes next.




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