The Witness and The Burning Man


”The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch of Terra




The Witness and The Burning Man

I’ll be honest with you. It’s not that its classified, rogue even, but the fact that I don’t fully understand it myself that makes me pause. Yet I’ve decided to share with you what I know. To once again trust your counsel and understanding.

For the witness to see, a soul must burn. Burn from the inside with the hellifre of warp. And they don’t last, mere days, hours even if in heavy use. We keep the witness blind folded until we need to know. And even that can be sustain mere days, a week even. There has been times. Tough decisions. To find them. Beggars, Sinners, Prisoners. Burnt from the inside as thralls of the witnesses hunger. For out witch finding.




Happy new year!

Some highly experimental fireworks to share, with the dull, black ceramic back drop of the finished Storm Troopers.

What a hobby fireworks 2017 was. Lots to say, but fore most, thank you everyone for the support, dialogue and inspiration. This was an incredible, record breaking year for Ironsleet, and the Invitational the clear and absolute highlight. We broke our previous Pilgrym highs in terms of annual traffic too. With half the amount of actual posts.

The natural way to end a personally record productive year was to just love the Christmas brake and the increased late night hours of painting fun. The Untold is evolving into unexpected spaces as it slots into the Inquisitorial lore of the Crusading forces entering the system.

2018 is Thornmoons Crusade proper. Let’s outdo Pilgrym. 🙂

Finally, as have become the norm, a little teaser of the next model.




9 thoughts on “The Witness and The Burning Man

  1. I love how the witness seems to seethe at being blinfolded while sitting in its life support/imprisonment/whateveritis cradle. And the sacrifice doesn’t even seem to know where he is. Delightful. The mood is palpaple and even the darkest colors seem vibrant. Very well done.
    Will you tell us now how you did the red? I’m still guessing its vallejo fluo or dayglow pigments.

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    1. Thanks, I really should. It’s an enamel fluorescent, I find those most vibrant, but then the adventure begins bring back the dark crispy outer parts. I’ve used tissue paper to wipe stuff around. I’ve used sponges, I’ve used oils, I’ve used Tamiya weathering powders… 1. Paint a good, sick, but alive skin carefully. 2. Drop liberal amounts of flu paint on it to ruin it, liberally wipe it around the areas that have the pores and recesses until happy. 3. With a range of darks: oils, powders, acrylics stipple, rub, paint the dark in. I really enjoyed this process.

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      1. Really impressed by the reds. I am working with dayglow pigments but doesnt get the same effect. Do you mind sharing the brand and exact name of the product used?


  2. Migs the witness and burning man are possibly one of the crazier and most amazing 40k ideas ever.

    In the little teaser photo I thought WTF is Migs up to, what a mess. Then opening up the pictures to see a glorious idea executed brilliantly. That skin looks crispy.

    Also really liking the extra matt/ ceramic armour on the Storm Troopers.

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