Thorn Moons Regiments: The Sleeters

This view of a living nature where man is nothing is both odd and sad. Here, in a fertile land, in an eternal greenness, you search in vain for traces of man; you feel you are carried into a different world from the one you were born into.

– Alexander von Humboldt, Ancient Terran Explorer

Migsula – The Death Caps – VII Lunar Guard Shock Infantry




Between the more esoteric green mechanicum and the billions of twists that stand guard in defense of the Thorn Moons is the well trained and equipped Lunar Guard. Resembling the early Imperial Guard of the 30th millennia in their organizational structure, but equipped with ancient and superior Orbus-pattern armored support systems, heavier carapace armor and mass reaction bolt weaponary.

The Death Caps are Lunar Guard elite. Inhuman disciples of the Crategus Hunter Aspect. Their infantry is famous for their half dome helmets that originally were standard for the Orbus scheme but never were able to be reproduced outside of Mars and thus came sought after specialty of the elite units. Death Cap Captains often boast formidable Skitari level mobility and armament enhancements and the infantry units are supported by both the Orbus-X44 tracked weapons systems as well as the Orbus-U5 and T6 antigravity drones.

With the Thorn Moons preparing for winter, the Death Caps have been deployed amongst the twists. Training, arming, leading the Untold billion children of Crategus against the coming weather.

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Kari – Field Discipline Company (FDC) aka ‘The Hounds’




War is ugly and brutal business in which life of a soldier is cheap. Some soldiers value their lives over the sacred duty given to them and give room to the fear and foolish thoughts in their minds. That is when their combat morale starts to shatter and they take damned actions.

A Commissar is in charge of keeping the combat morale up and getting such characters back in line. Sometimes a presence of a Commissar and their actions are not enough – a soldier decides to desert his post, goes AWOL or flees the battle without given such order. War is hell and sometimes whole companies rebel! The sentence of such cowardness is death, which will be ruled in a quick court-martial. This is the mission for the Field Discipline Company to carry out.

Field Discipline Company (a.k.a FDC) is trained to catch and imprison deserters and renegading units. They use guerrilla tactics to take down their targets, even company size units, and make an example out of them. Their goal is to pin-point their targets, go in and capture them one by one – alive if possible. A successful imprisonment rate is told to be around 23%, which means that 77% of convicted are judged by ”shot on sight”.

There are five positions in a team of FDC: pointman, scout, tracker, enforcer and executioner.

Pointman is the highest ranking officer in the FDC team. He usually assumes the first and most exposed position in a patrol formation. The specialization of Pointman is CQC with emphasized aggression.

Scout’s duty is to perform reconnaissance ahead of a main FDC team, gathering information of the fleeing friendly units and spotting deserters hideouts.

Tracker traces and exposes any location that may contain deserters and rebelling units. To complete this task they use specially trained trench rats and blood hounds that can smell the fear of their prey.

Enforcer completes ”sneak and capture” tasks given by the pointman. It is also their responsibility to guard the prisoners that have survived the hunt – until their execution.

Executioner is the most honoured position in the FDC. They carry out the execution of the prisoners and take great pride for it. Beheaded heads are put on poles to give an example for others with a low combat morale.

FDC teams have a fierce reputation. Their presence cause fear and obedience amongst combatants, hence in some extreme situations a Commissar may be given a team of Field Discipline specialists to emphasize the seriousness of the business.

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Mikko – Voodoo Forest Personae




I completely failed this Invitational.
In the end I was not able to produce any foot soldiers for this amazing campaign.

Instead these mossy green miniatures appeared.
Inspired by other Sleeters work, I went out there to search for the weird.

It goes without saying that John Blanche’s Voodoo Forest vol. 1 & 2 served as the main source of inspiration for these three miniatures.

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Toni – The Lost Company of Yevolis




The 12th Yevolian company represents a common phenomenon in the Thorn Moons campaign. Drafted from a cluster of compliant agri-systems on the Imperial side of Crataegus Fragmentum, the Yevolis Brigade is a distinguished force dating back over three centuries. Inquisitor Lord Karavnor assigned companies 10-16 to assimilate the Muralis Sector of the Thorn Moons. The populations of farmers were promptly brought to compliance, and their heretical herbal fields were burned. Imperial Strains XXV-BII and XXV-BIV were planted to ensure compatibility with the Crusade.

Before I go forward, I must commend the other Yevolian companies. They are already supplying clean rations to the Fleet.

After 60 days since the last update from the 12th, a force was sent to investigate central Muralis. The fields were found rampant with a mutated strain. (BII and BIV were chosen because of their excellent stability) Remnants of the 12th Company were found hiding in the forests, speaking a bastardised Low Gothic, and having abandoned the Imperial Creed. They attack our troops from the shadows, using our own ammo. Donning animal skulls as helmets, and shouting shamanistic curses from their hideouts, these men appear to be guarding the forest now. The 12th Company, along with Central Muralis is lost. We must not allow any ships to escape the sector. The Mutated strain of XXV-BII represents a grave risk to the Imperium.

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FPOA – The Borealis 4th, Crataegian Huntsmen, Green Mechanicvm, 3rd Moon




His memories. They haunted him in his dreams. Not as much images as fragments of sensations upon his skin. Or the skin he no longer wore. The remaining nerve strings in his body recalling something that had been lost a long time ago, like the phantom limb pains amputees feel in removed limbs. Echoes of a body he no longer wore. A ghost shell.

The most vivid sensation was that of something, perhaps a loved one’s hand, caressing his clean-shaven chin before a departure. From somewhere he could not recall. But for countless years he had clung to that memory in his waken hours, like a bright star in a sea of green, and it was all that had kept him human. He had once wondered if his brothers in the Borealis Cohorts had done the same. If the men of Borealis 4th had been clinging to the same fading memory of what it meant to be human. What it meant to have loved ones waiting for you back home. Wherever home had been.

That was many, many moons ago and was now only a faint echo in his darkest hours. Around him, in the labyrinthine underworld of Gheal, 3rd Moon, bio-mechanical roots, xylem viaducts, radix cathedrals, catacombs and echo chambers disappeared countless mile after countless mile in all directions. He looked up. The only light in the depths of this underworld came from bio-luminescent moss, luciferin lamps and rare shafts of light high above caught in an intricate system of lucus mirrors capable of transporting the aurora light of the night sky into the dark depths.

The Borealis 4th had been summoned to the surface and lofty tree spires high above.

Winter was coming…

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Finally we are very delighted to show you the last installment of the Iron Sleet Invitational 2017 – our own entries!

We have been utterly stunned, delighted and humbled by all the work, support and feedback we have received from you over the course of the last two months. You have shown us that the most rewarding aspect of this wonderful hobby is the sense of community surrounding it.

For that we want to say a big thank you to all of you!

Green Man Cometh…


On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

17 thoughts on “Thorn Moons Regiments: The Sleeters

  1. I’m in awe of it all. Migs’ velvety dark tones, Kari’s painterly detailing, the luminous quality of Mikko’s work, Toni’s macabre eeriness, FPOA’s gorgeous use of colour and texture. All brilliant! Surprisingly diverse and yet complimentary.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. What a trip indeed! What I like in Migsula’s group is the cold and chilling atmosphere. I think I don’t even have to start with Mikko’s trio. The design is just out of the roof. I’d like to see Mikko doing some real standard linemen in this style, would be a killer. Toni’s group in very interesting also. In one hand they look very proud and thickset and in the other cruelly macabre and crooked. You just can’t stop wondering what’s moving inside those skull helmets(?). Stefan’s green men will haunt my nightmares, that is for sure. Just look at their poses and faces! Creepy little bastards! All groups are very coherent (well, Mikko’s one ain’t but I think that’s the point, eh?) and stylish, and what I”m really proud of the whole Invitational is that many of you guys really bought the idea and did splendid job. I think I write about the coolness everyone does too seldom and will try to get better in that front. Thank you all!

    Personally this project pushed me back on tracks, thanks to the side-stracking Hounds that took me away from Red Corsairs for a while. I’m now more eager to produce better miniatures and be more active in the community.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hey Kari,

      First of I have to say: i totally Love your style! I looked at a lot of Grimdark / blanchitsuian stuff and your style just did It for me! I think you combine the hybrid paintjob of messy–dirty with a grisp and nice details. I wrote you some time ago but i think you were busy or just didnt see my Message. Could you by any chance give some insight in your work on house marguardt? Especially Imettäjä! What Colours did you use for the beige Cloak and the red cloak parts? And how did you paint the flesh? You Could really make my day with a Little Step by step if you Find the Time!

      Best wishes from Germany,

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Simon.

        Thank you very much! I’m sorry about not answering your message. I might have missed it totally or just forgot to answer to it. Anyways, if you are interested in learning more about my painting habits, there are some insights about my painting style in my Instagram account @koltti. Step by steps are really uncomfortable for me to do since my painting style is not very a) effective and b) goes forth and back and I’d guess many would just loose their minds in reading such nonsense.


  3. My head is still spinning from the gorgeous entries everyone built and painted. What a remarkable, unique, inclusive and prolific celebration of this fantastic hobby the Sleetinvitational became. Thank you so much to everyone for their participation, models, stories and commentary. Highlight of 2017 for us.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wow,
    It has been amazing to see all these beautiful miniatures. Not just from my Sleet brothers but from everyone who took part in this. So many cool concepts that will hopefully someday grow into armies who knows!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Some amazing minis both in concept and in paint. You truly lead by example. That giant is one of the best here with the textures and the muted colours. What happens now? I know you will continue with your campaign but will there be a chance to at least watch it from afar? Will there be regular posts here?

    Need more…

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Migs – Oh that combo of parts works a treat. Lovely. The gun is stonking. Aw they have a child with them on the battlefield. The muted colours are beautiful.

    Kari – The black is perfect. The Hounds are one of the most sinister units ever. I will definitely be sending you an unpainted merc to add to them.

    Mikko – While they might not be HHH they are fantastic characters. THe pink and green combo of the banshee is perfect. The giant is somewhat intimidating with so much wonderful detail.

    Toni – Those animal skulls are quite a frightening sight. Though the hornless one has a ruthlessness to its character. These remind me of Tears of Envy’s agri workers from below the Pilgrym stairs, with a lot less comedy.

    FPOA – Oh my! The face on the front man made by day when I saw it. Just so perfect. I cannot wait to see your army finished.

    Thanks guys


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