Inquisitorix Hestora Agarl

A few of our fellow Pilgryms are heading to Nottingham this weekend to meet up with like minded people from across the continents for some =][=munda gaming using the new Necromunda rules.

They will be playing on the amazing Lesotho 212 board shipped across from LA and with this guest appearance of PDH’s amazing female Inquisitorix Hestora Agarl, made for the occasion, we at Sleet wish them all the best of luck!


Inquisitorix Hestora Agarl is a battle-hardened Inquisitor of the Dalthan Malleus. She studied under the tutelage of the previous head of the Ordo, the forsaken Lord Inquisitor Rupreth. She had set her own mandate in leading forces of Astra Militarum and directing the Imperial Navy in purges within the heretic controlled planetary systems surrounding Thasanti, a staunch supporter of launching a Crusade to take back, what is by holy writ, Imperial domain. An expert warrior and bitter leader, her outward appearance, adorned in glorious white power armour, inspires her charges. While underneath her beatific exterior is a ruthless leader who will send a billion men to their deaths to stop but a single daemonic entity.

Recently she departed the Thasanti campaign, leaving it in the hands of her juniors. Now she travels alone to Lesotho 212; for her spies had heard rumour The Butcher of Balemire had returned and is now casting his gaze upon Lesotho 212. Alas the rumours were but hearsay or lie, the untruth is but another Nurglite infection effecting the near dead. Now that she is present she will uphold her Emperor sworn duty and destroy the contagion.

Inquisitorix Hestora Agarl, Ordo Malleus AInquisitorix Hestora Agarl, Ordo Malleus BInquisitorix Hestora Agarl, Ordo Malleus C


Since Migs has recently painted a black armoured Inquisitor Peter decided to go with white armour. We are blown away by the angelic look of this beauty, especially Peter’s excellent take on a snow leopard pelt cloak, which fits the fact that she has been pinched out of John Blanche’s bits box very well.

Good luck to all of you taking part in the Lesotho 212 this weekend. We can’t wait to see more of this epic undertaking.

The Sleeters


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10 thoughts on “Inquisitorix Hestora Agarl

  1. Wow…Truly awesome conversion of Neave Blacktalon! Loving it!
    When I held that kit in my hands I thought about two options, one was to build a female Inquisitor out of it,..well, I decided to do something different 😉
    The best thing in this hobby is to see what great things others do with the same base-miniature!


  2. Thanks FPOA and the rest of Ironsleet for hosting Inquisitorix Hestora Argarl.

    koernl – I agree it’s great to see what others do with the same model. Though isn’t it frustrating when someone pips you to the post. Migs did it to me with the Enginseer he turned into a Rogue Trader for his Legion forces. So I put my version of that model on hold for a bit…mine will be an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor.

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  3. Just came across this conversion and must admit to being blown away.

    What bits did you use? As an Eldar player recognising bits from imperial kits is something of a black art!




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