The Great Unclean One – Greater Daemon of Nurgle


26 thoughts on “The Great Unclean One – Greater Daemon of Nurgle

  1. Truly filthy.

    To be honest, I wasnโ€™t convinced with your first couple of WIP photos, but itโ€™s really come together in the end.

    The viscera and gore is particularly effective. Looks like you just stuffed real offal in there. Itโ€™s like a bleeding tooth fungus, or a brain mushroom.

    The more I look at it the more uncomfortable I get. Makes me want to go wash. Great work!


      1. Thanks Mikko, that means a lot coming from you! New to this whole blogging game, but Iron Sleet is a huge inspiration, so thanks!

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  2. Disgusting! To be honest I don’t really like the model (or any Nurgle stuff really) but seeing your version; it seems like something that is actually real, compared to the cartoon version of the studio paintjob. Fantastic work!

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  3. Excellent!
    Disgustingly excellent?
    Excellently disgusting?
    All of the above perhaps? I know that I’ll definitely be revisiting these photos when I get up to doing my own versions of this model. Kudos!

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  4. The color, the textures and the work all together is amazing, I love the work you did on the skin texture. I only wish that the model had a different pose or something that could show more potential for the character and your skills. (very similar to the FW version, IMHO)

    The gore is particularly insane, thanks for sharing and being such an inspiration!

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    1. Thanks Kari! I still feel this was done pretty much in the same vein with the voodoo forest stuff. Next I want to work on something totally different, so no textures or mossy greens;)

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