Oghamme, Shepherd of Knowledge

“Those of us who walk the old paths know it. We have seen them. We have heard them. Felt them like the shivering of leaves upon our shoulders. We know how the holloways run like lost rivers through the depths of Daerwynne.

That they are places within which one might slip back out of the moon world and into a thorne world within which ghosts brothers flock. We know that walking them is a wordless conversation between ghosts brothers and ghosts-brothers-to-be.”


The voice of Oghamme, Chief Librarian of Daerwynne, 1st Library Moon of Crataegus, flowed like a hollow river sunken deep and shady into the bedrock of the ground. Holloways disappeared in different directions into the darkness surrounding him and clouds of damp vapour were caught in shafts of pale moon light brought down into the deep by lucus mirrors high above. Luciferin lamps flickered faintly in the dark like dancing fire flies.

“We know that the thorne roads are linear only in a simple sense. We know they are echo spaces where past and present, like the trees around us, have branches. Like the dry rivers running deep below us in the depths of the Library have tributaries. We know they are rifts within which time exists only as pure surface…and that by walking them we become shepherds of knowledge walking through time.”

The immense shape of Oghamme was barked and covered in moss and lichen. He carried a staff of black wood and was draped in a cloak of an immense animal with fur made up of thorny leaves. In the faint light from the lucus mirrors high above he looked like an animated version of the trees surrounding him. For the Linneanne Brother walking at his side, draped as he was in white robes and golden armour, the complete opposite of the organic nature of his surroundings, Oghamme was a green giant among giants. He seemed to have walked straight out of the Piranesian forest library they traversed together.



The Linneanne Brother had recently made moon fall. The prized fragment of the Daerwynne Palimpseste, which Brostten had brought back to Terra from his exploration of the Rift, was apparently only a small piece, a tiny fragment even, of what appeared to be a moon sized library guarded by Oghamme, Chief Librarian and High Custodian of Crataegian Lore.

Here scientific texts, scriptures, verses and poems had been translated and shaped into an intricate moon-world of boreal lifeforms by the Elder Ones over Millennia. Now the moon landscape was in itself an immense vault of knowledge only comprehensible by walking its holloways and being able to read the lay of the land through walking – and in the process becoming, in essense, one with the Thorn Moon itself.


Oghamme, Chief Librarian, High Custode of Daerwynne, 1st Library Moon!

Crataegus Brother.

Keeper of Thornes.

Shepherd of Knowledge.

Oghamme is the chief Elder One of the Thousand Sons Legionnaires that make up the core of my Crataegus Legion. The most wise and gifted Witch Lord of all the Crataegus Brothers!

He is based on the insanely beautiful Horus model from Forgeworld. Sculpted by the incredibly talented Simon Egan who has done a stellar job. Despite the tough competition Horus is one of my personal favorites of the resin Primarchs. But I simply had to transform him into Oghamme and make him fit into the narrative of a Crataegus Witchlord on the Library Moon of Daerwynne. With all the boreal details added, he will be painted in the same way as my other finished Elder Ones; Huathe, Thurisaz and Uruth the Hunter.

Also finished and ready for painting is Pater Fredrik Carolus Linnæus XVIth, Princeps Botanicarum of Neith. The leading brother of the Linnæanne Brotherhood.

Rules wise – fitting of his status, posture and background on the Thorn Moons – Oghamme will be based on an immense hero from the Codex Thousand Sons. Need I say more?

Green Man Cometh!


On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

8 thoughts on “Oghamme, Shepherd of Knowledge

  1. Epic model and great story,… love how he looks like a tree, standing his ground against any force, yet bending around imovable objects and commandig the spirits of the thornmoons while his cloak flutters in etheral winds….supercool

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  2. Thanks for the comments all! Much appreciated.

    I have indeed started painting – but also been caught up in building Straiph Blackthorne, the next iteration of an Elder One 🙂

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