The Untold and the three (new) amigos.

Welcome everything – push away nothing.

Bring your whole self to it!

Find a place of rest in the middle of things.

Cultivate don’t know mind. 


– Master Ostaseski, Ancient Terran


It’s been a while. A hobby life time of trying and experimenting. A long path towards uncovering the truth. To finally let go of all of that. To fully embrace there is no right or wrong way. There is no concept. There is no thought. There is now just what happens before. The unknown dark north, the universe without fear, without hope. The primordial. The Dharma.

The grim dark where The Tollman, The Gunslinger and The Harvester reside. Where they roll with the Untold.




11 thoughts on “The Untold and the three (new) amigos.

  1. The minis are really cool, but I’m equally impressed by the back drop. Old book, magnifying glass, pipe, etc. Just needs a glass of whiskey or a snifter of Cognac, maybe a snuff box?!

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  2. So evocative and grim dark (literally!)…I am constantly impressed by your ability to continously explore new grounds and at the same time weave wonderful narratives into your work. Coherent and very believable!

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  3. Beautimus

    May I inquire about the large fellow on the left with the bolter, I would love to parrot your creation please.

    All the best,



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