The Masque of Red Sorrow

Taking slow deep breaths, Kaewyndir woke from the trance. His mind was calm. The skein had been a turmoil of raging storms, of endless paths. But the course of action was certain. The myriad of futures spinning from the Thorne Moons all spell catastrophy. All but one.


The Thorn Moons Crusade is getting closer and we are thrilled to bring you a glimpse of JRN’s truly wonderful Aeldari who are on their way through the webway to join the Thorn Moons Crusade. Enjoy!


“Now the pieces are moving towards the inevitable conclusion. The players are gathering, having travelled, having chosen their sides.

My role, you ask – gestures, diversions and pushing a single soul, onto her way.

Our spectackle unfolds – with masks, with blades – as we jump and jibe and dance, into the fray.” – Saelindra, Shadowseer of the Masque of Red Sorrow


The Masque of Red Sorrow:

Shadowseer – Saelindra, Mistress of Mirrors

Solitaire – Farkas

5 Harlequins + a Starweaver

Craftworld J’Yllandar:


Autarch, Aurentil.

Farseer Skyrunner, Kaewyndir of the Red Cabal

Cabal of Sorcerers (Warlock council): eldar warlock Celsis; Alien Warlocks: Morrolyth, Laegren, Fio’El.

Däethil, ranger character (using Illic Nightspear rules)

Maugan Ra, Harvester of Souls

Craftworld warhost:

5 rangers, lead by Gilvela

5 rangers, lead by Tanleath

10 guardian defenders, weapon platform – shuriken cannon

3 windriders – shuriken cannons

5 Wraithguard – D-Scythes

Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon and twin-linked bright lance

Hemlock wraithfigther, piloted by warlock

Aspect Host:

Shrine of the Crimson Scythe – 2 Dark Reapers, Exarch Arroth

Shrine of the Silken Strike – 2 Dark Reapers, Exarch Taeban


The force is slightly over 100 battle points. This should be enough for adjusting to different game sizes. For every game I’ll try to keep the Farseer, the shadowseer and my scout character, a single eldar who finds herself in the middle of a grand scheme of event…




On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

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