Thorn Moons Crusade, 15th Moon: “X Marks the Moon”

From afar it looked like an orb of rust and dirt, wrapped in a thin layer of slowly moving ragged green clouds. The abandoned moon rotated in silence. Two long and deep canyons ran along it’s surface. The canyons met approximately midway from one another which made their shapes resemble a huge “X”.

X marks the moon.


A small swarm of bulky and shiny, droplet-like red capsules broke through the sky of the moon, tearing it’s cloak of green clouds apart. The sky screamed like a bleeding animal in agony when the green microbiological matter burned into a black dust and gave way to the drop pods falling in terminal velocity.

The drop pods hit the surface with heavy impact. The maw-like hatches fell open, fanfared by hissing noise released by the white and hot steam escaping from pneumatic breaks. Hulking red Astartes began to march out of the pods – and so began the raise of the blood red tide.


Ragal Gair, Captain of Red Corsairs, led his small raiding party from the point. A set of tall chimneys shimmered in the horizon and kept coming closer. They were approaching their target with steady pace.

They arrived at the scene. It was an old refinery station located around 20 clicks from their landing site. Was this the spot? It sure was a good place to hide something that should be forgotten.

The air around Red Corsairs began to warm up and dark clouds started appearing above them. Arcs of bright light danced between the clouds and ground, making banging noise and flashing light each time they met one another. They we’re not alone. Someone was about to teleport on the scene…


The air around the Archeocrawler Crowning Abnegation rippled from the heat and friction. Ragal Gair’s Red Corsairs got some unwanted company – .
Realizing they were soon going to be under attack, Ragal Gair ordered Hounds, hired guns, to claim the containers located in the ruins of an old cathedral.
Navis Militant Balerius Thanopt Akuhm deep strikes to the side of Red Corsairs, his weapons ready and swinging for close combat.
The rest of the Navigator house enter the battlefield by teleporting in cover.
A squad of Red Corsairs disembark from the depths of the venerable Land Raider to face the wrath of iron giant. Renegades are able to keep their stance even though brother after brother is mauled down by the magnificently murderous wand of Navis Militant.
Captain Ragal Gair, together with his brother Astartes, eliminates Household Satraps from the rooftop scaffolds of the refinery, alas putting themselves on a line of sight of the Archeocrawler.
Ragal Gair and Red Corsairs’ standard bearer, Gashkyt the Skinner, stand firm and hardy against the deadly charge of Beaconite Lodge Warriors.
Unbelievable but true, Hounds were able to stand ground even while taking heavy fire from Household Satraps and Archeocrawler. Venerable Dreadnought Cristos Savacius charges in to protect the remnants of Hounds.
Archives of hidden secrets were gathered by both sides in hope of finding answers to questions only few dared to ask. Each turn they would shed a ray of light in the many secrets of the Moons, but only if they were holding the containers in their possession.
Loosing their two Lieutenants in the close combat fight against the Navis Militant was the final blow to Red Corsairs. Their backbone broken, it was certain that they’d loose this fight.


With heavy losses the renegade Astartes decide to flee from the scene along with whatever precious information their hired guns were able to gather from the containers – which were now in the possession of Navigator House. It was time to lick wounds and plan a revenge.


4 thoughts on “Thorn Moons Crusade, 15th Moon: “X Marks the Moon”

  1. That’s one helluva battle report 💀 Two of the coolest armies on the net laying into each other in the pursuit of the unknown. Gonna poor one out for the chaos boys, but well smashed, navigator crew.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers Salvage! Got to admit, for me the two first rounds went pretty much to learning the basics. Isaac also played very well by locking my Land Raider in close combat in very early stage of the game.


    1. My Red Corsairs were played with Primaris Marines’ rules and Isaac’s Navigators were played with Grey Knights’ rules.

      Here is Isaac’s army list:

      Extirpation Crusade

      Navis Militant Balerius Thanopt Akuhm (Grandmaster in Dreadknight))

      Navis Abominus Othos Nyctea Akuhm (Cullexus Assassin)

      High Beacon Priest Vostok Komarov (Grey Knight Librarian)

      5 x Beaconite Lodge Warriors (Grey Knight Terminator Squad)

      5 x Household Satraps (Scion Squad)

      Archeocrawler Crowning Abnegation (Landraider Redeemer)


      …and mine:

      Red Corsairs

      Squad 1
      Ragal Gair (Primaris Captain)
      Gashkyt the Skinner (Primaris Ancient)
      3 x Primaris Marines

      Squad 2
      Jarin Thios (Primaris Lieutenant)
      4 x Primaris Marines

      Squad 3
      Elia Ygon (Primaris Lieutenant)
      4 x Primaris Marines

      Cristos Savacius (Venerable Dreadnought, twin heavy flamers)

      Chaos Land Raider (Venerable Land Raider, 2 x twin heavy laser, 2 x heavy bolter, 2 x bolt rifle)


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