+ The Maker + The Untold +

After years of exploring and stretching the extreme corners of the Warhammer Universe, the austere, cold, rage of the Vlka Fenryka, the different aspects of the shadowy Hydra and the inter play of ghostly greens and blues, I’ve come home.

Home to the grim, dark, baroque heart of this dystopian universe. No fancy weather or ghostly dimensions. Just resin and plastic crafted and painted into life and death. Ashen dead matte and biting glare of metal. Burning infernos and pale parchments. Walking on burnt remains of ancient ideal. Fighting secret wars for reasons left untold.

And here’s new work to share. The Maker. Grandmaster of forbidden Temple. Flanked by his sentinels. A Cluxus and Eversor Assassin(s) in game terms. I took what I learned with the burning man and tried something harder. Making bare metal burn with evil – and nearly ruining the models several times, limped to an interesting, fitting and pleasing platform from where to continue to explore different fire effects in this force.


I also have the Bonded of Krastellan ready for Primer. Build from the stunning Cawdor kit with an ambitious goal of infantry units where every member is a heroic individual. Lovingly detailed to life and posed to work individually and arranged in to a squad. Usually when I build squads there are a fe I’m not so fond of. That seem like the canvas for the favorites to shine. This is a rare attempt of making each one shine and sing. But perhaps its impossible to not have favorites to emerge? The Power pose of the one with a bionic face lends special strength to him, and the Axe carrying punk comes across as the leader of this grim dark set that counts as Space Marine scouts.

Finally I’ve continued to study the work I’ve produced so far. Trying to distill the core of this lot in to just One image and seeing how I continue to add and surprise from that done to death black on black Imperial baseline that I had personally declared boring and then reckognized as exactly where my work would lay. These three capture the Untold heart. A god of war, Bells of Lost souls, and burning torches. They highlight what I think is my most successful attempt to communicate scale and volume of different anatomies and a superhuman in the big end. And in the picture is also a collection of artifacts that I have all around me when I do this work, that help me instantly dive into what is a very very fucked up universe made of our worst fears and desperate heroes.



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