+ Memento Mori – Mordheim 2019 +


“The best revenge is not to be like your enemy.”

– Marcus Aurelius 



Milan Mori of the Ordo Draconis, or of the Order of Blood Dragons in gothic, an ancient disciple of Abhorash and crimson lord of death, came to Mordheim to seek truth.

Milan traveled with just a handful of his most loyal huntsmen and squires, blood hounds and twists each one of them. They settled in the half buried manor that once belonged to the family and had its own way with unwanted attention and intruders. Slowly the few remaining never dead of the damned city scurried to their masters. Eyes and ears, rejects and twists, they would be their guides to the depths. 







Memento Mori

Happy New Year. Here’s to being a beginner again, to doing new things, to living vividly here and now and appreciating this magical hobby with our creations.

Best is a word best left outside of this hobby, but here is the best model I ever painted. A distillation of what I learned last year and equally letting much of that go to seek new. 

I can chat more about the details and techniques based on people’s question but I’ll say that I actually painted it to be photographed on my desk, using directional light and shade scheme that recognizes where I present and photograph the miniature. 

I’m also going to pay special attention to the basing. I find many “elite” painter bases actually distanced from what the materials they portray look and more importantly feel like. Yes they are perfect renditions, no they don’t smell like dirt and feel cold like stone when you look at them. Being able to convey genuine material sensibilities is my intention. 

The group and a base they will get in time will be my entry to a few different events I want to attend this year. Gaming and painting occasions I’m really looking forward to enjoying. 

2018 was an incredible year for the hobby. Games Workshop’s best year of releases by a vast margin. And also the magical Thorn Moons Crusade weekend we hosted that I will never forget.  Collaboration will only be amped up this year and looks like Games Workshop will go on to do the same with their 2019 releases.

As for Ironsleet, this year’s Mordheim project is the first time in our history when all five of us are all in and building a war band! 



Ps. #mordheim2019 on instagram and Echoes of Imperium blog for details on the summer event, #sleetheim for all of our contributions.  

One of the gorgeous upcoming Games Workshop kits that I will be working on at some point this year!

6 thoughts on “+ Memento Mori – Mordheim 2019 +

  1. Love it! One of my favourite pieces of work from the first ever army book I owned, turned into a gorgeous model and painted just as well. Looking forward to seeing all the contributions, and witnessing what you guys make of a fantasy setting!

    You’ve probably been asked this a lot, and admitted I probably have at some point before and forgotten too, but would you ever consider something AoS? Carving out your own corner of the Realms or making wonderfully dark renditions of the armies present there (just curious mainly)

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    1. Thanks Ben! I think this is my way of considering it and brought about largely by Games Workshop releasing new models for AOS that I really like. I know nothing of the story line either so can twist it to my liking if the Mordheim project eventually stretches on to aos.


  2. Fantastic, I love how at a glance it looks so flat and monochromatic yet at closer inspection it is so rich in hue and tone. It seems like a real vampire; massive and powerful but able to melt into the shadows at a whim.

    I would also say a fully tooled up vampire with all his stats maxed out is an almost invincible opponent in Mordheim. But I assume you will have some scenario worked out to deal with that issue.

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  3. A gorgeous mini, and very exciting news. All the work on Iron Sleet has been a huge inspiration for my own work in AoS, so to see you guys doing a fantasy project yourselves will be fascinating. Looking forward to it.


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