+ Ike of Murdermake + Halfling Assassin +

“Thus was gathered into Mordheim on the eve of its destruction all the sins of men together, as a boil gathers the poisons of the body ready to be lanced by the surgeon’s knife.”

—Bernhardt Hal, Witch Hunter General


From the largest model in the war band (and perhaps the whole event) to the smallest one (again on both counts?) . It’s my privilege to introduce you to a Murdermake assassin Ike in service of Ordo Draconis. Incredible sculpt from Steve Buddle that was just pure pleasure to paint.




5 thoughts on “+ Ike of Murdermake + Halfling Assassin +

  1. If you need to change him to fit a “shaken” type injury, give him one bent knife (watch Twin Peaks the Return for more context).

    Also, you say the largest, but now I want to know what a giant in Mordheim would look like…


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