+ Omegon of the Ghost Legion +









12 thoughts on “+ Omegon of the Ghost Legion +

  1. Hey there Migs,

    Long time lurking reader here – love what you do with all the matted colour palette. I was wondering what brand of enamel fluorescent colour you used on your Burning Man figure. I tested several neon colours, dry pigments etc. but nothing came out right :-/ Do you mind sharing the red you have used?

    best wishes from germany,

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      1. Thanks man!

        just found Revell Enamel paint Fluorescent red (semi-gloss) 332 Can 14 ml
        Hope this is the correct Can.

        best wishes,


  2. Hi Kari, ive been searching the web far and wide after seeing a picture of your Red Corsairs, they are abseloutely stunning!

    Is there any chance there is a guide on how to achieve the red?


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