+ Custodian Captain Aurelius, of Venerable 300, now Aquilan Shield, the ten thousand. +


We are vigilance unending.

We are duty unstinting.

We are punishment inescapable.

We are the Adeptus Custodes, and all must fear our wrath.”

The Aquilan Credo, M30




Untold II – Terra Dominatus

The dawn of new era. The Untold, my grand vision for the myriad and esoteric Agents and Armies of the God Emperor enters new domains.

Baroness Aretha Zahed, Witch Hunter, of Ordo Hereticus, has unknowingly had the Emperor’s Eyes on her for years. The Unassuming giant known as the Specialist, capable of both violence on an unfathomable scale and stealth beyond any comprehension considering his size, is indeed formerly of the Ten Thousand.

Zahed’s work is starting to reveal intergalactic patterns of threat to Holy Terra – a sickening trail of the Great Devourer and Evil of man, and this diabolic union will see her dead.

To her shock, and the dismay of both her retinue and her superiors in the Ordos, a Golden Giant arrives from Terra and advises her that she is now under the protection of the Emperor of Mankind. It’s entirely unheard of for a junior Inquisitor, let along the rebellious troublemaker that is the Baroness to have an Aquilan Shield of the Adeptus Custodes assigned to protect her.

Shield Captain Aurelius, Grand Custodian of the Daylight Wall, Sun child of Compassion, Slayer of Neverborn Lords, formerly of the Venerable 300, now Aquilan Shield, the ten thousand arrives with a small band of warriors and specialists.

There are units of “Krastellans”, perhaps Terran Frateris Militia, wearing white hoods, masks and gowns like the snow covered mountain tops of old legend, augmented beyond what any such cults should have access to. Intricately decorated, delicate looking armourers and brute armory servitors in the same livery, and a noble and very senior looking Navigator in burnished gold and velvet robes that seems to glide through space. A chillingly different creature to the hunched old snake that guides Aretha’s ship through warp.

White pigeons swoop around these new comers. Never landing. Never making a sound. Not making a mess. Could they be just machinations and tools than living creatures at all?

What more priests so grand they look like walking cathedrals more than missionaries of the Emperor stand in their ranks, preaching about the imminent arrival of their militant sisters and announcing their distaste of the young Inquisitor’s retinue and practices.

Terra beckons.

Pilgrymage awaits.

In the grim darkness of far future there is only war.




9 thoughts on “+ Custodian Captain Aurelius, of Venerable 300, now Aquilan Shield, the ten thousand. +

  1. Amazing. A unique and uncompromising vision. I love how you your bring such life into such a limited palette of colours and such range and variety into the iconic forms of 40K, whilst still remaining within and true to those forms.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Migs,
    This is an incredible looking Custodes! The choosen colours are perfect and he fits so well into the appearance of your army. I absolutly love the white hooded retinue. Plain and simple, but really effective. The given background is top notch as always and a pleasure to read. It adds so much to the characters you’re creating.
    Thanks for all the awesome, inspiring work!


  3. Beautiful work, Migs. The effect on the sword in particular is very impressive. I’m guessing you used some fluorescents to bring out that glow. I’d love to see that guy in the flesh, so to speak, as I suspect there’s a lot more depth to the gold than the pictures can accurately convey.

    Was it always your intention to use the two different Guillimans to represent the different faces of the Custodians, and if so, why? Maybe I’m trying to find a thematic link where there is none.


  4. Love your stuff! How do you do the Bases? Would be cool if you could point out the brand of pigments used! I use MIG Rust powders alot but didnt try any of this soft brown ones.

    Keep up the nice work and hoping to hear from you,


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