Invitational III: Part 2

Continuing with the third Iron Sleet Invitational. We are amazed and humbled of the amount of extraordinary entries you have produced. You guys have completely hit it out of the ballpark imagining and visioning the derelict corridors and mighty explorers of the space hulk The Primogenitor.

In addition to email, we also asked people to post their entries on Instagram by tagging them with #theprimogenitor and #ironsleetinvitational. This batch of deep void travelling goodness is from there, so enjoy and make sure you check their other work there too!


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It’s been a chaotic few months with uni and the disruption from the coronavirus pandemic putting hobby life on hold, but I’m proud to present – just in time – the Birds of Rhiannon kill-team, thirteenth Broadsword Clade of the First Legion, for @ironsleet . . Unable to refuse Roboute Guilliman’s gift of Primaris reinforcements, yet bound to keep the Dark Angels’ secrets, Supreme Grand Master Azrael organizes his Primaris Astartes into surgical kill-teams known as Broadsword Clades. Venturing into and beyond the Cicatrix, they are set loose upon a harsh, unforgiving galaxy, taking on the monsters dredged from the darkest corners of mankind’s nightmares wherever they may be found. . The Thirteenth Clade bears the honour of being the first of such errant war bands to assault the looming, emergent Space Hulk known as the Primogenitor. Led by the Headhunter Peredur Bright Sword, warded by the witching auspices of the warlock Gwydion Weeping Eye, the Birds of Rhiannon kill-team set foot amidst the rotting corpse-muck and muddied micro-climates of the leviathan vessel. . They will be the Imperium’s bright and burning blade in the dark. Unmarked, unrecorded, unremembered, they will wage their wars in the name of the Carrion Emperor. They will raise high the serried banner of the Dark Angels within forgotten orlops, and bear proudly their adopted heraldry under the light of nameless stars, never knowing the truth from which they have been cast away. . Few, if any, will return. . #warhammer #warhammer40k #paintingwarhammer #blanchitsu #primaris #spacemarines #convertingwarhammer #inq28 #necromunda #killteam #adeptusastartes #kitbash #40k #paintingwarhammer40k #wh40k #darkimperium #gamesworkshop #warhammer40000 #darkangels #firstlegion #ironsleetinvitational #theprimogenitorsubmission

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6 thoughts on “Invitational III: Part 2

  1. Once more an incredible amount of work from you girls and guys! Miniatures, drawings, collages and wonderfully evocative stories about the Primogenitor being brought to life by a great community.

    Stunning and deeply humbling to see and read! Hell yes!

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